Style Profile – Shannon Lee Simmons

Name: Shannon Lee Simmons
Occupation: Financial Planner/Founder of The New School of Finance
Age: 30
Lifestyle: Urbanite and secret hippie (shhhh)


Dress: Kabuki Design; Necklaces: burfurtART.

This dress is available online in burgundy and grey.

What’s a typical day like for you? 

Weekday: Get up. Tea immediately. Yoga. Bike to New School HQ on Queen West. See clients throughout the day and nerd out hard about money awesomeness. Then, usually, in the evenings I’m off to do a talk/event/photoshoot/biz shiz etc. Home.

Erryday I’m hustlin’

Weekends: famjam time.


Sweater: Gentle Fawn; Leggings: Spanx, Necklace: Curious Oddities.

This sweater available here in burgundy and grey.
Spanx Essential Leggings here.

What in your life is really important to you? Besides fam/friends (this trumps all the things), meaningful work and a sense of purpose. I have so much passion and need to channel it into meaningful work. I don’t know who I would be if I couldn’t do something I’m passionate about. The thought scares me!

What would you like to be remembered for? Changing the Canadian Financial Planning Industry so every day people can feel excited and empowered about their finances!! Also – red hair.


Dress: Mandala Design.

Shop for this awesome dress here.  It’s also in floral, aqua holes print, navy holes, pink nightlight print and rust nightlight prints.

What role does fashion play in your life? I do talks, videos, presentations, and I see clients on a daily basis. Fashion is important to me because it is a way that I can express myself, my brand, and who I really am in my personal life and my biz.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? I love that the clothes are clothes I’d wear for work and that I’d also wear out in my personal life. For me that’s key. Something that fits well and fits well in my life is key!

What do you have that you want to promote? I’m launching Canada’s first Personal Finance School Oct 13th, 2015. Online DIY financial courses that are accessible, affordable and AWESOME. I’m so unbelievably excited about it. I think it will change the way Canadians view their finances and empower everyone (not just millionaires) to make GOOD financial decisions. Learning about money and your own finances doesn’t have to suck… Trust.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I’m a huge nerd. Though, you’ve probably already put that together. 🙂

Where can people find you on social media?

New School: @nschoolfinance (twitter and instagram)

Me: @shanleesimmons (twitter and instagram)



Style Profile – Jennifer Piggott

Name: Jennifer Piggott
Occupation: Event Specialist at Bullfrog Power
Age: 25
Lifestyle: Twentysomething environmentalist


Dress: Leigh Holes Tulip dress by Mandala Design, $138; Necklace by Love Montreal.


What’s a typical day like for you?  After hitting the snooze button a few times, I roll out of bed and get ready for work. I make sure to pick all my clothes for the day the night before or else I’ll spend way too long staring at my closet in a pre-coffee fog. I spend the day working to get the word out about Bullfrog Power’s green energy in every way I can. After a busy day at the office, I head home to throw together vegetarian dinner and get my Netflix on. And then I do it all again the next day!


Bike scarf; Top: Amethyst Tunic by Jennifer Fukushima, $139, Leggings: Essential Leggings by Spanx, $108.


 What in your life is really important to you?  It may sound cliché in the age of everyone being a “foodie,” but… food! It makes me happy to enjoy simple things like fresh, local produce or a home-cooked meal.

 What would you like to be remembered for? Hmm! Well, if people think of me in a positive way, remember a time I helped put a smile on their face or made them laugh, then that’s good enough for me.

What role does fashion play in your life? I am a comfort-first kind of girl, but love clothes and fashion too. To me, fashion is a balancing act—between comfort and style, high and low-end items and budgeting for new pieces! 


Top: Tulip Collar tee by Mandala Design, $78; Skirt: Tilda Flare Midi Skirt by Mandala Design, $98, Necklace: Curious Oddities; Bag, Abiko by Matt & Nat.


What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? I love the eclectic nature of the pieces and the feeling that I couldn’t find them just anywhere. It’s nice to walk down the street and not see five other people wearing the same top you are!

 What do you have that you want to promote?  My friends and family could tell you—I’m always promoting Bullfrog Power! As Canada’s leading green energy provider, Bullfrog makes it easy for individuals and businesses to choose green energy. I also want to give kudos to Fresh Collective, Mandala Design and Jennifer Fukushima for choosing green energy!




Style Profile: Rebecca Earl

Name: Rebecca Earl
Occupation: Sleep Consultant, The Sugar Plum Sleep Co.
Age: 37
Lifestyle: Organized chaos


Top: Genesis top – KLATT, $100; Pants: High Rise Skinny Jeans- Yoga Jeans, $130; Bag: Jeane and Jax $90

 What’s a typical day like for you? I like to wake up before my boys (ages 6 and 4) to catch a few minutes to myself and prepare for the day ahead. I walk my boys to school and then spend my mornings getting tasks completed around the house and hitting the gym. My boys come home for lunch and after I walk them back to school I spend my afternoons focusing on my clients, marketing, business planning and networking. After school you can find us at the park burning off some energy before supper. Lately, we’ve logging some serious time with Lego and board games in the evening to help the boys get ready for bed. Once they are asleep,  most evenings involve catching up on e-mail, a cup of tea,  spending some time with my husband and an early bedtime. Ok, so maybe there is some Netflix in there too…..not every night though, I swear!

 What in your life is really important to you? Right now I’m focusing a lot of time and energy on achieving patience and grace throughout my day. In order to do that I’ve made exercise, sleep and healthy eating priorities. I’m a way nicer person and a much better mom when I look after myself.


Tunic: Dania Tunic – Desserts and Skirts, $125; Pants: Essential Leggings- SPANX, $99; Boots: Bloom Boot – Miz Mooz, $295; Necklace: Colleen Poitras $75; Bag: Jeane and Jax $45

What would you like to be remembered for? I’m extremely fortunate to have been invited into the lives of hundreds of families through The Sugar Plum Sleep Co.  I absolutely love helping families achieve better sleep and my hope is that they remember me as knowledgable, compassionate, and encouraging.

(Above) Rebecca Earl talks about what she’s passionate about:  Helping families get better sleep with her company Sugar Plum Sleep Co.

 What role does fashion play in your life? I wear a lot of different hats during the day so my clothing needs to work hard by being comfortable and able to transition from one place to another. I’m also a big fan of colour and like to wear pieces that have some energy and personality.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? I love supporting small Canadian business and Fresh Collective does an amazing job of showcasing talented local designers. The staff are also great at helping you find exactly what you need.


Top: Wallis Slouch Tee – Mandala Design, $68; Skirt: Gloria Solid Flip Skirt – Mandala Design, $88; Necklace: BurfurtArt $48; Shoes: Elaine (Cobalt)- Miz Mooz, $190

What do you have that you want to promote? My goal is to improve the quality of sleep for the entire family, so I’m excited to announce that this Fall I’ll be launching Sleep School for adults. The program is designed to help individuals make realistic and lasting changes to their sleep habits. The program includes a detailed  a detailed sleep guide for adults with weekly challenges; participation in a private Facebook support group; access to a private sleep tracking tool;  individual follow up support of progress; and a bedtime essentials sleep kit that includes my favourite items to support a restful night’s sleep. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when this program launches.

 Is there anything else we should know about you? I have a serious sweet tooth (chocolate covered almonds make everything better); I’m an only child (most likely because I never slept through the night until I was 2); and I always dance like no one is watching.

Where can people find you on social media?

You can find me online at or through the following social media channels.

Instagram: @sugarplumsleep

Facebook: TheSugarPlumSleepCo.

Pinterest: The Sugar Plum Sleep Co.


Style Profile – Suha Jethalal

Name: Suha Jethalal
Occupation: Director, Residential Sales & Marketing, Bullfrog Power
Age:  35


Blouse: Dotty Design Studio, $98; Bracelet: Curious Oddities, $36; Jeans: Yoga Jeans High Rise Ankle – Second Denim, $120; Shoes – The Art Company $170

Lifestyle: Working mum of 2

What’s a typical day like for you? Kids, coffee, commute, coffee (#2), consumer sales/mktg, commute, cook, kids, clean up, catch up with hubby, crash.

What in your life is really important to you? A large amount of high quality time with the important people in my life and doing good. =)


What role does fashion play in your life? Fashion gives me confidence…and often makes my husband happy!

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? I love Fresh Collective’s portfolio of unique designers who are down to earth and willing to mix it up.


Dress: Mona – Mandala Design, $148; Necklace: Curious Oddities, $36; Shoes: The Art Company, $170.


What do you have that you want to promote?  Bullfrog Power, of course! We’re Canada’s largest green energy provider, allowing homes and businesses to choose clean, pollution-free power and create a cleaner environment. Check us out at!

Here’s a special offer for the Fresh Collective audience!  Save up to $50 when you opt for green power with Bullfrog!

bullfrog ad

Did you know that Fresh Collective chooses 100% green electricity with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider? This means that Bullfrog’s generators put green electricity onto the grid to match the amount of electricity we use. Bullfrog ensures the energy going onto the grid on our behalf is from clean, renewable sources–displacing energy from polluting sources.
Imagine if all the energy we used came from clean, pollution-free sources! Bullfrog makes it easy for you to switch your home to 100% renewable energy, too. Receive up to $50 off your first residential bill, courtesy of Fresh Collective, by entering the promotional code FRESHCOLLECTIVE when you sign up today.”

Style Profile – Jennifer Bouley

Name: Jennifer Bouley
Occupation: Career Coach/Small Business Owner/ Bouley-Mak Consulting and Coaching


Dress: Floral Amy Dress – Michelle Carey, $198; Necklace: Curious Oddities, $60


What’s a typical day like for you? My typical day is quite interesting and a lot of fun. I tend to get up early and work with clients I have in China. Then I move on to working with clients in Toronto, UK, Brazil, and USA. Lots of writing, networking, conferences, resumes, recruiting, career guidance for clients, managing a business, and working with my employees. I have designed my life to what I have always wanted. I work different hours depending on clients and their needs. I like it this way I can meet the needs of those I work for and myself at the same time. I always try and get some workout in the day and spend time with family and pets.

What in your life is really important to you? Well, I am married so this is most important; keeping a healthy home relationship is the base for any healthy life. Also taking care of myself I travel a lot and make sure to keep myself centred and health to help others. Seeing people who I work with succeed. People come to me for help with their careers so I want to help them in any way I can.  My main clients are aged 18 to 40 and are looking to get ahead in their career. Growing my business is also important.


Dress: Farm dress – Studio Fresh, $179; Bracelet: Colleen Poitras, $60

What would you like to be remembered for? Giving people the tools to live a good life and career. I have been in jobs that wore me down, I want the world to love their job.

What role does fashion play in your life? Big role, your clothes are your outward expression to the world.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? The clothes fit me correctly, they have a variety or styles, with good fabric, nice designs, prints, and quality.


Dress: Mona – Mandala Design, $148; Necklace: Curious Oddities, $26


What do you have that you want to promote? I help you move your career forward! “Moving Your Career Forward!” is our slogan. I want to tell people that Career Coaches are out there to help young professionals. We are an new industry that has a high demand who have been through the trenches of our careers and came out preserving. People have SO MUCH talent that can get them the job they want that they don’t even think counts. While they say the resume is dying, at this point it is still the most important part of your job search. Knowing how to properly write a resume and commit to your personal vision of life can get you miles ahead. In North America we live in a place where the opportunities are limitless, so working with a career coach have really help you get yourself on the right path to achieving your goals.

Is there anything else we should know about you? I was a Social Worker before going in to Human Resources and have been working with the Anti-Human Trafficking movement since 2008. I am going to Thailand in January 2016 with an organization called Children’s Organization of South East Asia to set up an employment program. People used to tell me there is no way you will bring Social Work, Human Resources, and your work with Anti-Human Trafficking together. But I did. My whole point is NOTHING is impossible if you really want something you will always find a way to do it. You just need to collaborate with others and yourself!


Where can people find you on social media?

Twitter: @bouleymakcoach

Meetup: West Toronto Career Professionals



Style Profile – Whitney Dowers

Name: Whitney Dowers
Occupation: Event Manager
Age: 28
Lifestyle: Flexible


Dress: Boho dress floral -Studio Fresh, $179; Shoes: Stella – El Naturalista; Necklace: Curious Oddites; Bracelet: BurfurtART


What’s a typical day like for you? It completely depends on the projects that I’m managing. It will usually start with a 7 am wake up, a bowl of protein enriched cereal and a mad dash to finish hair and make-up so that I can get back to my beloved laptop. From there I check my calendar and head off to any site visits or client meetings I might have that day. You can usually find me glued to my laptop between meetings at The Spoke Club on King West to get in some research or tend to emails.

What in your life is really important to you? It’s probably frowned upon if I say my laptop so I won’t….without a doubt my husband is really important to me. He inspires me to be more creative and to master my craft like he has mastered his (he’s a professional Barber in Yorkville at Axe & Hatchet).


Top: Blouson top – Brenda Beddome, $79 ; Skirt: Dandelion Skirt – Desserts and Skirts, $105, Ring: Curious Oddities; Shoes: Stella – El Naturalista


What would you like to be remembered for? Client Service. A past CEO of mine once gave me the best advice. He said you are nothing if people don’t think you really listened to them. Clients might walk away from a project and say Whitney was prepared, Whitney never wasted my time, Whitney was truly creative but when they say Whitney really listened I know I have achieved their vision and met their needs.

What role does fashion play in your life? It plays a huge role. Fashion is a way to express your identity and in the world of events we are constantly dressing to the occasion. Working an event is very different from attending one and I have outfits that cover everything in between.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? The clothes are functional. For my industry we have to be able to load in every kind of decor but still look presentable when clients pop in to check on things. Fresh Collective gives so many options for comfortable fashion.


Top: Spirit top- Advika $95; Bracelet: BurfurtART; Shoes: Stella – El Naturalista


What do you have that you want to promote?  My company DianeSinclair Events is a full service boutique event planning firm that currently services philanthropic fundraisers, marketing agencies and private celebrations like weddings and milestone parties. Check us out on instagram: @dianesinclairevents or twitter: @WeddingsDS or shoot me an email at

Is there anything else we should know about you? Random fact. I designed and produced carnival costumes for 10 years for the annual Scotiabank Toronto Carnival. I now use those design skills to produce creative events.

Where can people find you on social media? Already above…

Best of Style Profile

On Fridays we publish Style Profile– a popular blog where we feature local women looking fabulous in outfits from our stores. This time of year, it’s time to revisit some of our favourite posts!

First up we have the awesome Carrianne Leung who had a very exciting year as her book, The Wondrous Woo, was nominated for a Toronto Book Award.  Aside from being a writer (and an awesome one at that!) Carrianne is a busy mom, an educator and a business owner.  Here Carrianne looks cute, professional and stylish in an outfit that would be perfect for a reading or for teaching a course.

Best of Carrianne


  • Dress: Stella Panel Jumper – Mandala Design, regular price $168 – now on sale for $117.60!
  • Top: Erika – Mandala Design, regular price $78 – now on sale for $54.60
  • Shoes: Lonna Mary Jane, regular price $100 – now on sale for $50

Next up, we have the one and only Kat Shura, the creative mastermind behind the ever popular Curious Oddities jewellery line we’ve been selling for several years at all three stores.  These days Kat is busy in her Hamilton, Ontario studio making up the most beautiful spring collection yet!    Here Kat is wearing a simple tunic and leggings with her own Miz Mooz boots from a previous season; the perfect outfit for meeting with a jewellery client, working at one of the many shows she does or just working in her studio.

Bestof Dania

  • Tunic: Dania Tunic – Desserts and Skirts, regular price $125, now just $75
  • Yoga jeans: select styles are on sale at 50% off at Kensington and Roncesvalles
  • Jewellery: Check out the Curious Oddities Designer Studio Clearance Sale at Kensington.  Necklaces are $12. Earrings are just $5!

And finally, we have the wonderful Angela Saini.  Angela had a busy 2014, with numerous gigs, being named “One of Toronto’s best indie songwriters” by Examiner as part of CMW, and the release of her video (featuring dresses from Fresh Collective!) Something Like I’m Beautiful.


  • Dress: Greta Sheath- Mandala Design, regular price $148, now on sale for $103.60.
  • Shoes: Edye – Hush Puppies, regular price $100, now on sale for $50

Tune in next Friday for another three lovely ladies from our community!  And in the meantime, we hope to see you in our stores snapping up the last of the sale items!  🙂


Fresh Collective Style Profile – Katherine O’Neil

Name:  Katherine O’Neil
Occupation: Mom, wife and National Vice President & Ind. Consultant with Arbonne Intl.
Age: 42, but who’s counting?
Lifestyle:  Play dates, business meetings, beach time and lots of laughter


Dress: Lexi dress – Studio Fresh $189
Necklace: Curious Oddities $28
Bracelet: Love Montreal $30
Boots: Katherine’s own

What’s a typical day like for you?  Up, down and all around!  All kidding aside, life with 2 kids under 8, a business to run, a household to manage and making room for me time can lead to some crazy days.  That said, being your own boss also means you get to take days off and vacation whenever you want 🙂  Probably my most stressful time is between 7:30 and 8:30 am trying to get everyone out the door.   Tack on a workout (need to be more consistent with that one!), a business lunch, catching up on emails, and shuttling kids to an extra-curricular activity.

That said I always make time for a cup of tea on the couch and just zen out for a bit and take in my surroundings.  Right now I love staring at the lights on the Christmas tree with a cat curled up on my lap.


Top: Lexi top – Studio Fresh $135
Jeans: Second Denim $138 (now 20% off)
Bracelets: Ch-ch-ch-chains – BurfurtART $45
Boots: Katherine’s own

What in your life is really important to you?  I have so many things to be grateful for but the most important thing to me is my family.  My kids amaze me in the joy and wonder they see in the simple things and my husband keeps me grounded but also laughing all the time.  Together we’re a pretty amazing team if I say so myself 🙂   I’m also a bit of a foodie so I’d be remiss not to mention fabulous meals amongst friends.  Breaking bread with great conversation over an incredible bottle of wine is one of life’s guilty pleasures.

What would you like to be remembered for?   As someone who took risks and went after the unrealistic dreams, helped bring out the best in people, and laughed… a lot.  As my friends know, I want to leave it all on the dance floor.


Sweater: Cordofolio Cardigan – Jennifer Fukushima $269
Skirt: Jess denim flocked skirt – Mandala Design $98
Necklace: girliepearlies – BurfurtART $56
Bracelet: Love Montreal $30
Boots: Katherine’s own

What role does fashion play in your life?  It’s fun and functional.  Fashion is something that can comfort you with a cozy sweater and boots one minute (I love the fall for that) and make you feel like Scarlett O’Hara ready to take on the world the next.  I think the older you get the more confidence you have because you know what works on your body.  On the flip side, confidence also comes from within and knowing who you are and it allows you to take more risks be it a bold colour or just a really different cut.


What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?  Everything!  Every time I go in there are so many things that catch my eye.  Everything has a cool indie vibe but is also easy to mix and match with something new or what is already in your closet.  The fits are fantastic and super flattering, not to mention everything feels as if you’re wearing pyjamas. How they do that I have no idea!   The staff are knowledgable and fun and you can’t help but walk out with an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks – the best is that you’re supporting local, socially-conscious talent.


What do you have that you want to promote?  I’m pretty passionate about helping people realize their full potential and really figuring out what they want in life.  Coming from the corporate world where I had a very successful career in Communications, I never thought I would find myself in an industry that was so outside my comfort zone but like so many people today, I was searching for more time and more choices.  That said, starting an Arbonne business was the best decision I ever made.   I’d never experienced a company culture like this before, where you are truly valued and recognized, and the calibre of people is top notch.  While the products and income are phenomenal, working with and watching people take risks, learn, and become the best versions of themselves is really what it’s all about.   This business is all about paying it forward – the ultimate win/win.  I think we could use a lot more of that in the world today.

 Is there anything else we should know about you?  I’ve got a huge bucket list of things including ballroom dance lessons.  2015 might be the year to start working on that cha cha with my husband!

Where can people find you on social media?

  • fb:  Katherine Bruni O’Neil
  • LinkedIn:  Katherine O’Neil
  • web:


Fresh Collective Style Profile- Carrianne Leung

Name: Carrianne Leung
Occupation: Educator, Writer, Business Owner, Mother. In other words, very occupied.
Age: 47. Loud and proud.
Lifestyle: Frenetic fun.


Dress: Brinn Houndstooth Dress – Mandala Design $138
Shoes: Lonna Mary Jane – $100

What’s a typical day like for you? If I can get my kid and myself out the door in time, both of us clean, dressed, fed and with lunch in hand by 8:45 AM, then the hardest part of the day is over.

What in your life is really important to you? Family. Friends. Social justice. Inspiration. Books.

What would you like to be remembered for? Generosity.

What role does fashion play in your life? I have always loved fashion. I grew up in the 80s with the likes of Cyndi Lauper as a style influence, so I appreciate a particular whimsy in clothes. I was also a Goth for 5 minutes in the 90s and will always have a love for the melancholic fashion statement. In other words, I have range.


Dress: Lexi Sweater Dress – Studio Fresh $189
Necklace: Curious Oddities – $48
Shoes: Lonna Mary Jane – Hush Puppies $100

 What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?  Where do I start? I am sure that at least half of my wardrobe comes from Fresh Collective designers. Being a 40 something woman who must juggle multiple roles – I work with OCAD U cool kids, I co-own an organic grocery store, I have a 7-year old kid. I’m a writer and do readings – the pieces that I get from Fresh are able to transfer into all these scenes.  I love the colour, the prints, the amazing cuts and shapes of the clothes and how well they are made.  They are also classic in an unconventional sense – they outlast the other 5-minute trends in fashion and still come off as very current years after purchase. I also love that they are made and designed in Canada.


Top: Erika Comfort Jersey Tee – Mandala Design $78
Dress: Stella Panel Jumper – Mandala Desgn $168
Bracelet: Ch-ch-ch- chains – BurfurtART $45
Shoes: Lonna Mary Jane – Hush Puppies $100

What do you have that you want to promote?  I launched my novel The Wondrous Woo last fall, and it’s been a wonderful year, culminating to being shortlisted for the Toronto Book Awards. A second novel is in the works! Also, please shop at Multiple Organics, the specialty grocery store that I co-own with Nupur Gogia. We are “fresh”, too!

Is there anything else we should know about you? My superhero power is that I can sleep – anytime, anywhere.

Where can people find you on social media? I am on twitter and facebook!

Fresh Collective Style Profile – Monika Fracikova

Monika started selling her line with us a couple of years ago, and it’s been a great pleasure to work with her and see her line develop.  She takes great care to refine her patterns and fits, and she loves to receive feedback from customers as to how to improve her product.  She is a dedicated entrepreneur working hard on all aspects of the business and I’m very proud to have Monikova in our stores.  – Laura-Jean Bernhardson, CEO and founder of Fresh Collective

Name: Monika Francikova
Occupation: Owner/Designer of Monikova fashion label
Age: who’s counting?


Sweater: Monikova 160.00
Earrings: Curious Oddities – $24
Leggings: Monika’s own
Boots: Ninette – Miz Mooz

Lifestyle: happy living in Canada, designing and busy with family

What’s a typical day like for you?  A typical day is to accomplish the most that I can: samples, production to be ready for delivery into the stores, connecting with people and organizing stuff for the next day.  Between all that is a small dog running around chasing  paper in the studio, my family is missing me from overseas and trying to get hold of me over Skype at the most inconvenient times.  Multitasking is important as time is precious, because when the day is done computer is my best friend in the evening with sleeping family members beside me, exhausted from working all day.

 What in your life is really important to you?  My health and my family

What would you like to be remembered for? For having been a good person that had a positive influence on others.


Blouse: Black velvet – Monikova 140.00
Earrings – Curious Oddities $24
Leggings: Monika’s own
Boots: Ninette – Miz Mooz $239

What role does fashion play in your life?  We must  dress every day, no matter what. Fashion has strong impact on us, how we feel and how we protect ourselves from the elements. Fashion is our silent language, our protector.  We would not be without fashion.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?  Unique styles creative ideas and local product. It’s originality!


Blouse: Beige blouse – Monikova 175.00
Necklace: Curious Oddities $75
Leggings – Monika’s own
Boots: Ninette – Miz Mooz $239

What do you have that you want to promote?  Clothing line Monikova = life project!

 Is there anything else we should know about you? I’m hard worker and always take others into consideration before myself.

Where can people find you on social media?