What to Wear Wednesday – Holiday Shopping + 5 tips to minimize seasonal shopping stress

What to Wear Wednesday - Holiday Shopping

Check out this cozy little number, perfect for Holiday Shopping! Top: Nicole Boudreau, Skirt: Kabuki (buy now), Boots: HushPuppies (buy now), Lipstick: Dalish

 5 Tips for Holiday Shopping:

1. Start Early: This seems obvious, but if you’re like me, you’ll go in to the season with the best intentions to start early, only to find yourself rushing around crowded malls on December 23rd. I get it. START NOW! Pop to the mall on your lunch break during the week when shops are bound to be less crowded.

2. Make a List: Sit down and take some time to think about the people you need to shop for. Write down some ideas of what you’d like to get for them, this way you won’t be doing lap after lap, going back when you’ve realized something you should have bought. Scan your list as you enter each store to see if you can check off more than one person there.

3. Shop Online: Avoid the crowds all together by shopping in the comfort of your own home! Just be sure to get your web shopping done early as shipping times can get dicey with the abundance of holiday orders!
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4. Do It Yourself: Creating a unique gift made with love by your own two hands is a lovely way to bring a smile to a loved one’s face! Need some inspiration? Check out our Holiday DIY Board on Pinterest.

5. Bring a Friend: Holiday shopping can be super stressful. Make it an event to look forward to by adding a good friend to the equation. Meet for a coffee beforehand somewhere you can catch up, have a laugh, and plan your holiday shopping strategy together. This is also a good way to find a thoughtful gift for that very friend! Keep an eye on what catches their eye and make a mental note of it for later!

Fresh DIY: Merlot and Gold Fall Manicure

I decided to experiment with my nails since nail art is through-the-roof on the trend scale right now. There are some awesome colours and trends for fall. Rich plums and burgundy, metallics and it seems, the crazier the nail art, the better!

I decided to try my hand at the classic french manicure, but with a fall twist! To do this I chose 2 of the seasons hottest colours, a metallic gold and a rich merlot.

Gold: Revlon Brilliant Strength Collection #110 – “Hypnotize”
Merlot: Revlon #570 – “Vixen”

STEP 1: Prep your nails with a thin, clear base coat to help keep the nail strong and to avoid staining your natural nail.

STEP 2: Paint one coat of gold. Allow that coat to dry for about 1 minute then add a second coat to amplify the gold colour. Allow to air until nails are dry to the touch (to avoid polish movement when you apply the tip colour).

STEP 3: CAREFULLY brush merlot colour from one side of tip to the other in a natural curve motion. Do not worry about getting colour on the finger – in fact, it’s easier if you do! Start at the very edge and work your way down until you get the shape you like. It’s much easier to add than remove so start small! Allow nails to become dry to the touch before the next steps!

STEP 4/5: Add a clear top coat to even out the polish surface and add shine. Then take a cotton swab, soak it in polish remover and remove the excess colour from fingers. I like to use 100% acetone because it requires less scrubbing and therefore less room for error, but BE CAREFUL not to touch the nail with it!

Merlot & Gold
 Dresses, Skirt and Cowl tee: Mandala Wrap Top: Melow Jeans: Yoga Jeans in Mustard & Merlot Boots: Miz Mooz Flats: Hush Puppies Jewellery: Odd Bird