Ok, It’s Official – We’ve Extended The Fresh & Fabulous Blowout Sale!

blowout cover extended

We’ve heard from our loyal customers who wanted a few more days to be able to stop by for the big Fresh & Fabulous Blowout Sale. We had such a blast today helping everyone who came in find the perfect holiday dress, or the gift for that special someone – so we decided to extend the sale until December 01! Save 40% off vault stock including Brenda Beddome, Mandala Design, Kollontai, Melow, Annie50, Soia & Kyo, Dinh-Ba, Hush Puppies, Miz Mooz Shoes and more!

In addition Fresh Baked Goods is now $50.00 for all dresses and $25.00 for all tops and bottoms. We also have some $10.00 t-shirts that would make perfect stocking stuffers!

We have limited sizes and colours in all the lines, so you’re going to want to get to each store early to find the gems.

This sale is only at our Roncesvalles and Queen Street stores!

Stop by this weekend on your way to the One Of A Kind Show, and share some holiday tunes, styling advice and good times with our Style Staff!

Here are some pictures from some of our awesome guests who stopped by today. Thanks everyone for coming out.


Jill (in the red Brenda Beddome dress) saved 40% off this hot little number and Pip in the brown scored this awesome dress from Fresh Baked Goods for only $50.00!


Suzy saved 40% off these boots!


The Ceil Slip Ons from Hush Puppies are the best for kicking around in (and they look perfect with jeans!). With 40% off they’re now $60.00! At Queen Street only!


Just SOME of the racks of savings at our Queen Street Store!


We love sending people home with bags of joy!


Some of the perfect vacation weather dresses available at the Roncesvalles store!


Casey our resident Style Maven loved this wrap dress from Dinh-Ba, and paired it perfectly with the necklace and wrap bracelet from Vanessa Yanow!

Fresh & Fabulous Blowout Sale – November 28 only!

blowout fbgWOW today is a busy day! I’m running around our vault with Sally, pulling lines and styles for tomorrow’s big sale. We’re really excited to be bringing our customers some of the best of the past, at discounts of 40-50%!


Pages and pages of 40% off stickers!

We’re pulling out your favourites from Mandala Design, Brenda Beddome, Melow, Kollontai, Soia & Kyo, and of course, everyone’s favourite, Fresh Baked Goods.

photo 1

Just some of the stock for the sale tomorrow!

Our Fresh Baked Goods will actually be reduced even further at $50.00 for dresses and $25.00 for tops. You won’t want to miss these! Once they’re gone, they’re never coming back – the last of the Fresh Baked Goods collection will be on our floors again tomorrow!

Hush Puppies now 40% off!

Hush Puppies now 40% off!

We’re also going to be having some awesome shoes from Hush Puppies and Miz Mooz at 40% off. This is the biggest discount for these shoes we’ve ever done! I hope you’re going to join us tomorrow 11am – 7pm at our Queen and Roncesvalles stores.



Swing into Spring with Fresh Collective


Yet another stunning photo shoot with some of our amazing friends from the internet! We got some lovely beauty shots featuring the new Great Gatsby-inspired collection from Curious Oddities (all jewellery in the photos below is from the line) and put together some playful spring looks in bright colours! Check it out…dainty1 dainty2

The lovely Nicole of DaintyGirl.ca looks stunning in a coral Lauren Dress from Fresh Baked Goods. This dress is the final design in the now discontinued Fresh Baked Goods line. Available exclusively at Fresh Collective Kensington while supplies last! We paired it with a pair of Hush Puppies Slumber Pump wedges in a turquoise to really boost the bright spring look!

emma1 emma2

One of our favourite style/mommy bloggers, Emma of StrollingtheCityinHeels.com makes this simple outfit super stylish in a gorgeous dark denim pair of Yoga Jeans, a white Melow halter top camisole and a fun pair of Miz Mooz Cherry sandals!



You probably remember our new friends Nat & Marie (we dressed them for Foursquare Day!) We love the bright and bold look of Marie’s fun spring outfit! This great printed purple tank from Things Aren’t So Terrible totally pops against these white Brenda Beddome cropped jeans. Add another bright pop of colour with the orange Hush Puppies Slumber Pump wedges and you’re set for the season!

nat1 nat2

First off, we LOVE Nat’s hair. Clearly this gorgeous gal isn’t one to shy away from colour, so we set her up in a totally bold outfit that we absolutely love! This playful polka-dot bouse from Kabuki looks amazing with the aquamarine cropped Yoga Jeans and Renown T-strap sandals from Hush Puppies. BAM!


The Swagger Coach: Whoah-oh-oh Jamie’s Crying (with EXCITEMENT!)

swagger coach

Bright, vibrant shades. Swirly, whimsical patterns. The ability to wear shoes without socks. Heck, the ability to wear shoes in general. Spring is a-coming, folks, and I’m super excited to feel wind on my legs and sun on my shoulders again. Will I be that girl dancing like a lunatic in the park in flip-flops and a summer skirt during the first semi-decent weekend in March? Possibly, but consider it my ode to the upcoming season rather than a chemical imbalance inside the ole’ noggin.

I’m a fashion fiend and a tragic over-spender, so any change of season creates a rush inside of me that can only be compared to new love, or possibly a really well-made pasta dish. Your wardrobe is your uniform, and it conveys more about you than you know. Are you fussy with details and accents like trimming and buttons? Are you simple and classic like a well-fitting pair of jeans and a cute tee? Are you a girl-on-the-go in yoga pants and a hoodie? What you wear is the image your project unto the world, and if your outfits start to form a pattern, it begins to tell a bit more about you as a person, your lifestyle, your attitude. Right now, my outfit tells me that I’m the lovechild between the citizens of Pleasantville and Shoshanna from Girls. I’m in a coral pleated dress, a white lace-on-knit cardigan and a matching set of pearl earrings and necklace. Tonight I’ll likely be in skinny jeans, knee-high boots, a long layered necklace and a fitted top, since I’ll be hitting a show at the Hard Rock. The following day, I may not even wear pants since I have no plans other than cleaning my apartment and doing dishes. Oversized t-shirt for the win.

My wardrobe is stylistically diverse, and I keep it that way to prevent myself from falling into the “trend trap”, where it appears as though your entire collection of clothing was supplied by the same fast-fashion retailer. I play with trends, but I’m not a slave to them, and like to keep a hint of retro flair in my outfits to keep things unexpected and playful. I get plenty of inspiration from the lovely ladies I work with and our outstandingly creative, funky customers, and would love to share my top three style-friendly trends for spring with you, primarily so that I’m not the only one hyperventilating about them. Basically, come to my store and flap around like a maniacal bird with me, there’s strength in numbers.

1) OXFORDS – I have always loved oxfords. When I was in high school, I found the most hideous pair of size 7 men’s oxfords in a thrift store, and although I knew I’d likely never get the chance to wear them (they really were decrepit) I had to have them and took them home. I racked my brain trying to find an excuse to break out these bad boys, but alas, it was late summer and they were roughly 5 lbs apiece. That chance didn’t come until early October, when it dawned on me. I collected an oversized blazer, tuxedo pants and a top hat, and a ruffled shirt. I drew two lines from the corners of my mouth to the sides of my chin, and darkened my eyes and eyebrows. I was a haunted ventriloquist dummy for Halloween. Times have changed and the oxfords of this spring are ladylike and classic, rather than boxy and clunky. Plus, with the vintage trend emerging in full-force, the oxford pattern is now found on bags, skirts and even sunglasses. Oh, and these (below) are coming to my store in both black and brown in the upcoming weeks, and are from one of my favourite shoe lines. Pardon me while I take out a line of credit, this season is going to hit me like a ton of bricks.

spring oxford

2) CORAL – Every season I have a colour crush. During the winter season, it was mustard. The one before was emerald and before that (in the summer) I was obsessed with butter yellow. Once every couple of years I fall head over heels with coral, which is (in my opinion) the most universally flattering shade on almost any skin tone, and is the quickest way to liven up a complexion since cream blush. Picking a shade can be a bit tricky, so my best suggestion is the most well-known: Stick out your bottom lip, as though you’re pouting, and the deepest shade of pinky-coral is your best match. This season, orange-based corals are hot, so take that in stride and keep an eye open for those peachy-pinks and grapefruit tones! In store, we’re expecting our best-selling Yoga Jeans in a brand-new shade called Cardinal (vibrant coral) and our year-round essential Paper People tops in a similar shade. We’re also getting the farewell piece from the Fresh Baked Goods collection, the Lauren dress, in coral as well. I wouldn’t suggest wearing them together, per se, but individually these are sure to punch up your wardrobe in a splashy way!

spring coral

3) BELTS – I remember low-rise jeans. I know you do too. Now here’s the dilemma: allow them to shimmy down your hips, or belt them for that exquisite muffin-top look that happens to everyone, regardless of how tight your mid-section is. Belts were things to be hated, and quickly became a staple accessory for the skater crowd of Avril Lavigne wannabes. Then someone in the fashion world sat back on their couch on a night off to watch Grease and said to themselves,”Hmm. Those high-waisted belts sure do create an awesome silhouette.” and suddenly the wide belt was back in fashion. Luckily for us, designers are working in fabrics like elastic, satin and leather for more contemporary versions of throwback styles, and words like “sash belt” and “skinny belt” are commonplace. If you were to walk to your closet right now, you’d find at least five different pieces that could be contemporized or refreshed by adding a belt. Personally (and I know I’m biased here, but you’ve got to see them to understand) I’m absolutely in love with the Susana Erazo belts (carried at Fresh Collective!) which all feature elastic sides, adjustable widths (like a bra strap, they’re unbelievable) and oversized leather-bound buttons as clasps. Her collections also include wide sash belts and skinny classic ones, but the way I see it, the bigger the better! I’ve collected several in classic tones, intense colours and funky combos but my all-time favourite is a whiskey-coloured leather one with two buttons. Love love love.

belts (1)

What are you excited for this spring? Are there any trends which you’re interested in but unsure of how to pull off? Picked up a wicked item but just not sure how to pair it for a modern, stylish effect? I love getting feedback from our fans, so send in your comments and questions! You can reach me at Jamie@freshcollective.com and I’m available for advice, style tips or just to listen to you rant about your terrible ex. Better yet, swing by the Kensington Fresh Collective location and we can do it in person. See you soon friends!

The Swagger Coach: CLOTHING: A Love Story

swagger coach

As many of you know, Fresh Collective is currently offering our HAPPY NEW YOU sale, which is allowing us to offer some of our best selling brands at ridiculously low prices. It got us thinking about the concept of creating a “new you” and how to go about presenting yourself in the best possible light. I’ve been thinking about really taking control over our image and how it reflects upon us.

Me, Fern and my best pals Rob and Corey at the WORN Fashion Journal's Black Cat Ball. Retro dresses and pin-up couture will NEVER go out of style!

Me, Fern and my best pals Rob and Corey at the WORN Fashion Journal’s Black Cat Ball. Retro dresses and pin-up couture will NEVER go out of style!

There are three types of clothing. Well, there’s a lot more than three actual kinds of clothing, but for all intents and purposes, for this argument, there are three kinds of clothing.

1) The kind of clothing which you love because they’re COMFORTABLE
2) The kind of clothing which you love because they make you LOOK GREAT
3) The kind of clothing which you DON’T love but they likely take up the majority of your closet. These are likely a size too big/small, a strange colour, or just not the right cut for you, but they’ve made their way into your closet due to hasty shopping decisions or a lack of purging.

Go to your closet and fill up a big bag with everything that falls under the third type. These items are the frienemies of your closet. They lurk in the shadows and may be regularly called upon, but they sabotage a good outfit and leave you feeling less than sensational about yourself. This bag should be donated to a worthy charity, organization, friend or family member who could really use them, and may have the perfect shape/colour for them. Toss in those shoes which are adorable but pinch/slide/squeeze. I promise, no matter how adorable they are, you’ll find something cuter, and with the right fit, before the snow melts.

I personally suggest reaching out within your community to see if there are any organizations which are in need of specific items or garments. Many shelters and women’s centers offer programs which provide women with job training, interview skills and even assist them in building a professional wardrobe for work. One shelter which I’ve donated to in the past expressed a need for plus size garments, while others are in need of petite-sized items for teens. Most desperately seek shoes, outerwear and new undergarments (those cute undies you’ve never taken the tags off and show through all your slinky work pants? Check).

 ...found these at a thrift shop. This means someone actually bought these at some point in time.

…found these at a thrift shop. This means someone actually bought these at some point in time.

Now, you’ve got two types of clothing left, and this likely amounts to about a third of your closet remaining.

“But Jamie, now I barely have any clothes left to wear! What do I do?”

You shop. You’d be shopping for new spring clothing anyways, but this time you should be shopping with purpose and seeking out items which truly contribute to your wardrobe, not just add volume to it. We’ve all heard that its not the quantity of an item that matters, but the quality, so ensure that your closet is curated with items specific to your body type, colouring, lifestyle and PERSONALITY. A customer came into my store here in Kensington Market and shared her shopping secrets with me, and I’ve got to say that I absolutely loved the way she communicated this. Her rules were simple: First, you MUST like what you’re trying on BETTER than what you came in wearing. If you’re not excited to wear the item, It’ll make its way to category #3, which is a no-no for your closet. You MUST be really drawn to the item, and you MUST take risks in trying on items you would not typically try on. You’ll often be surprised by what you like, and it will lead to a more exciting, playful range of outfits.

Secondly, You MUST have at least two coordinating pieces at home to create an outfit with. Basically, if the item you’re trying on right now is the ONLY thing you buy today, can you wear it tomorrow? Can you pair it with at least two other things currently sitting in your closet? If not, skip it. It’ll sit on a hanger for weeks until you find a matching skirt/pants/top/belt to wear it with. Basically, it’ll be a lovely piece of art for your room.

My friend Chantel and I modelling the Bionic Suki skirt at Fresh Collective Kensington Market. We LOVE the forgiving chevron pattern and the simple cut, not to mention the ultra-comfy stretch knit material!

My friend Chantel and I modelling the Bionic Suki skirt at Fresh Collective Kensington Market. We LOVE the forgiving chevron pattern and the simple cut, not to mention the ultra-comfy stretch knit material! (NOW ONLY $25 – SHOP ONLINE)

I’ve shopped using these two rules over the last couple of months, and have REALLY noticed a difference in how I shop, and am truly impressed with my own ability to say no to iffy items. I’ve saved a bundle! Not only that, but once I started purging my closet, and my only options were the pieces which made me feel and look amazing, I started getting compliments from total strangers! On a side note, keep the flattery coming. Its great.

The next step is to figure out how to make Type 1 and Type 2 one and the same. This means being unforgiving while selecting new items to be added to your wardrobe, and ensuring that each new addition is both comfortable AND flattering. Those too-big yoga pants are a great choice for a home-from-work-with-the-flu day, or for painting your living room. The “comfortable” but not “wearable” clothing should be kept to a minimum unless you work as a painter for a living. Comfortable clothing can be stylish, and stylish clothing can be extremely comfortable! Check out this shot of me in the Fresh Baked Goods jersey dresses and cardigan, which feel like nightclothes but look darling for springtime!

Check out my most recent Fresh Baked Goods buys! These are made from the comfiest bamboo jersey around, and feel like you're wearing yoga pants on your entire body. Look for styles that skim over your trouble spots and accentuate your best assets!

Check out my most recent Fresh Baked Goods buys! These are made from the comfiest bamboo jersey around, and feel like you’re wearing yoga pants on your entire body. Look for styles that skim over your trouble spots and accentuate your best assets!                           (SHOP FRESH BAKED GOODS ONLINE)

So, what do you look for when you start building your wardrobe? Look for pieces which play up your best assets (long legs, narrow waist, great posture) and gently disguise the areas which need a bit of extra TLC (ruching in the mid-section, using a belt to create or emphasize a waist, busy prints to create “visual confusion”). Look for items which have a bit of retro flair to them, which dates them less by skipping over the concept of ‘trendy”. Look for great shoes which are versatile, comfortable, but still fun and feminine. INVEST IN A GOOD HIGH-WAISTED BELT. Or two. Pick out something in a vibrant hue which brightens your complexion and boosts your mood. Try on anything which you think may be intriguing, even if you’re positive it’ll look ridiculous on. Buy a coloured bag, and wear it with shoes in a totally different shade. TAKE RISKS!

Banish the Little Black Dress! Stock up on interesting, figure-flattering pieces in fun prints and vivid colours!

Banish the Little Black Dress! Stock up on interesting, figure-flattering pieces in fun prints and vivid colours!

So, friends, I encourage you to sift through your closets and take a look at what your clothes say about you. Are they the clothes of a fashion-savvy lady who knows her body and brand well, or are they the garments of someone who doesn’t doesn’t really have much to say? Do they reflect a sassy, fun demeanor or do they remind you of items someone twenty years older than you would wear? Do they fit properly? Do they bring out the very best in you? Do they say “Hey world, I’m a fun, bold and fearless woman and YOU are my oyster!”? No? Then buh-bye. Off to their next life, where they can be cherished and loved the way you’ll love your new collection of specially-selected garments and accessories. Your body is a canvas, ladies! Create some artwork!

Need some help discovering your personal style? Want some pointers on how to play up your best features and get creative with fashion? Book a style consultation with our Swagger Coach by emailing Jamie@freshcollective.com  .

Happy New You January Sales Event!

jan03 happy new you home slider

Hello FC Fans! We’re very pleased to let you know that many of our great Boxing Week deals are carrying on until the end of the month! At these discounted prices it’s easy to create a new wardrobe for a new year!

Happy New You Sales Event - 20%off

Things Aren’t So Terrible

Desserts & Skirts

Studio Fresh

Yoga Jeans

Happy New You Sales Event - 40%off


Fresh Baked Goods

Annie 50

Brenda Beddome

Mandala Design

Who will you be in 2013? Whoever that may be, let Fresh Collective help dress you for success! Stop by one of our three stores OR shop online right now to take advantage of these (and many other) savings!

FC Designer Spotlight: Fresh Baked Goods

Fresh Baked Goods
is the house line for Fresh Collective, and got it’s start in 1994.  Headed up by Creative Director Laura-Jean Bernhardson, a small and dedicated team create each garment in a studio in Toronto’s west end.  For Fall 2012, the theme is “The Jetsetter” and the line features dresses, skirts and tops that are made as much for comfort as for style.  The styles lean toward retro silhouettes, suggesting a time when travel was glamorous and treated as an event.  But the team has melded the look with incredibly comfortable soft and stretchy fabrics.  You won’t believe how good you’ll look feeling this comfortable.

Fresh Baked Goods is for the busy urban professional.  Our customers ride their bikes to work, juggle work and family and dash from a board meeting to the playground.  Our clothes make sure you do all that looking gorgeous and feeling great!

 Stretch Peasant Dress – The Peasant Dress is back for Fall in a stretch french terry fabric. Much like its original woven design, the dress is flattering on all body types! The Peasant Dress is great for every day wear, and the solid colour lets the wearer play with accessories for an evening look. Try it with a textured tight or over a blouse for a layered office look.

Jersey Ruffle Wrap Dress – Every woman needs a wrap dress! Layered over a contrast colour tank top or on its own, the dress can be tied to ensure a perfect fit on all body types. The 3/4 sleeve is a great transition into fall, and the fabric and rich palette will ensure year-round wear!

Q&A with Laura-Jean of Fresh Baked Goods:

How long have you been designing/where did you get your start?
My line started as a knitwear line in 1994, and it grew to the point that I was able to open my first little storefront in Kensington market. That store was called Fresh Baked Goods then and since has rebranded to be a Fresh Collective location. I used to knit sweaters in the back and sell them out of the front, and I was known as Laura-Jean the Knitting Queen.

Where did you find your inspiration for this collection?
We love a retro influence at Fresh Baked Goods, and specialize in a silhouette that accentuates womanly curves. As this collection was coming together, I thought of the title “The Jet Setter” and it just made sense. The rest fell into place easily.

If you could dress any celebrity who would it be?
I’ve always liked Drew Barrymore for her exuberance and cuteness. I love Salma Hayek because she is built like a serious babe. I like so many women who are smart and self-possessed as well as being gorgeous: Juliane Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Marisa Tomei, and Juliette Binoche are a few that come to mind quickly.

What is the most rewarding part about having your own line?
There was a moment a few months back when a customer stepped into the store with two friends in tow, beaming from ear to ear and wearing a Fresh Baked Goods dress. When we commented on how great she looked she said, “This is my self-esteem dress!” and that made me feel awesome. To dress women and have them feel beautiful and confident is the best reward, and if they happen to bring two friends in to shop, all the better!

Select Fresh Baked items available in all 3 Fresh Collective stores. Can’t wait? Snag these dresses now in our online store!


Fresh Sounds: Peter Gabriel Live at the ACC

Last night I had the wondrous pleasure of seeing the incomparable Peter Gabriel live at the Air Canada Centre. A few months back I received a notification via email that in honor of its 25th anniversary, Peter would be touring his groundbreaking record SO. This album, featuring some of his greatest hits (In Your Eyes, Sledgehammer, Don’t Give Up & more!), just so happens to be the first album I ever owned. My father bought the cassette for me when I was around 8 years old and I fell madly in love. I would sit in my bedroom, dressing up my Barbie dolls, singing along and gazing at the photo on the cover (I thought he was SO handsome because he looked JUST like my Daddy). Luckily enough my Dad is still as awesome now as he was then and bought tickets for me, my younger brother  and himself as a birthday gift!

Even though this was my third time seeing him live and I’m well aware that he exists in real life, I still squealed “OH MY GOD IT’S HIM!” when he walked out on stage. He let us know that the performance would be split into 3 parts – the first would be a few songs acoustic, followed by a set of old favourites and finally, SO in its entirety. He opened with a beautiful new song on the piano accompanied by Tony Levin (the coolest bassist of all time) on electric stand up bass, followed by a beautiful rendition of Come Talk to Me – one of my all time favourites. An acoustic version of Shock The Monkey (can you believe it?) was probably the highlight of the stripped-down portion of the show, mainly because it somehow felt like a less cheesy song when all the 80’s synthesizers are swapped out for an acoustic guitar.

When the show kicked into gear and went electric, I could not believe my ears and eyes. Of course he played crowd pleasers like Digging in the Dirt and Solsbury Hill, but he also dove into some more obscure tracks such as No Self Control and The Family and The Fishing Net which had me over the moon!

“The Masters of Modern Dance” (according to Peter) doing a little side-step during This is the Picture

Next it was time for SO and it was every bit as wonderful as I could have dreamed. Though well into his 60’s, the man still has the voice and charisma of his youth. New opening act/backup singer Jennie Abrahamson was an incredible last-minute addition to the tour, and when she accompanied Peter on the classic Don’t Give Up (singing the part of the wonderful Kate Bush), I got goosebumps and tears came to my eyes.

After finishing with In Your Eyes to a roaring standing ovation Peter and co. returned to the stage for two more songs, finishing with the incredible Biko (an homage to anti-apartheid activist Steven Biko). The crowd chanted and threw their fists in the air along with the song, and continued even after the band left the stage, a beautiful reminder that Peter is not only an incredible musician but also an inspiring activist. Gabriel is well known for his longstanding association with Amnesty International, but you may not know that he also co-founded WITNESS, an organization that empowers human rights defenders to use video to fight injustice, and to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools that can pressure those in power or with power to act. As well, he helped initiate The Elders (along with Sir Richard Branson and South African politician/activist Nelson Mandela) – an international non-government organisation of public figures noted as elder statesmen, peace activists and human rights advocates whose goal is to use their “almost 1,000 years of collective experience” to work on solutions for seemingly insurmountable problems like climate change, HIV/AIDS, and poverty, as well as to “use their political independence to help resolve some of the world’s most intractable conflicts”

Moral of the story? Peter Gabriel may just be THE BEST.

NOW to answer the question that’s been plaguing you all since my cliffhanger facebook post yesterday… WHICH DRESS DID I WEAR TO THE SHOW?! ………………………

TA DA! In the end I chose the Fresh Baked Goods stretch peasant dress because it seemed the most fitting for a night out with my Dad and Brother (I believe Jane said I look “wholesome” in it)! After wearing it for a few hours I fell madly in love. The fit is incredibly flattering, the fabric is SO comfortable and the weight is perfect for fall/winter. I love the mid-calf length and the tapered hemline (it’s a touch longer in the back) and the weight of the jersey makes the skirt fall so beautifully! There are only limited colours/quantities in store right now (more on the way soon!) so call your nearest store to check availability OR snag it from our online store now!

I’m so happy I had the opportunity to see such a spellbinding show by one of the most influential artists of our time, but I’m equally thrilled that I got to share it with my amazing Father and wonderful brother. A night of family bonding and amazing music (don’t forget a fabulous dress!) what more could a girl ask for?

My favourite person. Dad.

– Untitled New song
– Come Talk To Me
– Shock The Monkey
– Family Snapshot
– Digging in the Dirt
– Secret World
– The Family & the Fishing Net
– No Self Control
– Solsbury Hill
Followed by SO in its entirety:
– Red Rain
– Sledgehammer
– Don’t Give Up
– That Voice Again
– Mercy Street
– Big Time
– We Do What We’re Told
– This is the Picture
– In Your Eyes
– The Tower That Ate People
– Biko

Percussionist Michelle Hwu falls for Fresh Collective!

One of our darling FC Ambassadors, Liz Parker recently took percussionist Michelle Hwu on a Shop & Walk tour and made a stop at Fresh Collective! Michelle had a great time trying on some of our great new fall finds (and somehow managed to look stunning in everything)!

Here are some great FC items on the lovely Michelle:

Michelle Hwu in Brenda Beddome

Dress by Brenda Beddome


Michelle Hwu in Fresh Baked Goods

Cardigan by Fresh Baked Goods


Michelle Hwu in Annie 50

Dress by Annie 50


Michelle Hwu in Michelle Carey

Dress by Michelle Carey

Michelle Hwu in Michelle Carey
Fabulous photos courtesy of Jeff Higgins Photography

Michelle, we hope you love the new additions to your wardrobe and we’re proud to have you rockin’ FC in the music world!
Contact an FC location near you to check availability on these gorgeous items!

City-Wide Pride

After a grueling 24 hours of flight delays, missed connections, re-bookings, lost luggage and no sleep I have finally arrived home from my birthday trip. As we hit the Gardiner Expressway and the city came into sight I couldn’t help but feel a wave of adoration. Oh Toronto, I missed you a little bit.

Seeing that sight for sore eyes also reminded me of an absolutely darling fall piece from Fresh Baked Goods that happens to feature that very same vision!

This adorable a-line skirt from the original Fresh Collective design team features an embroidered Toronto skyline – a whimsical way to show your love for the city!

I love to travel and I always go on about how I long to live elsewhere, but when it comes down to it, Toronto has a huge hold on my heart. It’s a city of personality, diversity, great local music and arts scene and so much more!

I must say, I’m happy to be home.