Fresh TV? We’ll See…

Recently, Laura-Jean and Jenna (our marketing gal) had an exciting meeting with a production company to talk about some fun future projects (TV? MAYBE!)
Here’s Jenna’s tale of what happened…

Earlier this month, Laura-Jean and I went to visit some awesome people at RTR Media about the possibility of doing some television shows based around Fresh Collective! Can you imagine? We were so excited and yet, so afraid – what would they ask us? What would we have to do? What would we say? Most importantly what would we wear!?

With three stores, we figured out what we were going to wear without breaking too much of a sweat. LJ donned her new Annie50 Coney Island in Black with white dots ($225.00)  and her Renown Ankle Strap Hush Puppies in Black ($110.00). I wore a Michelle Carey Derby Dress in Blue Stripes and my Miz Mooz Tan boots (sorry ladies,this was one of my favourites from last spring – however Michelle Carey has a great black and white striped derby dress now in stores $198.00!)

After eating lunch and speculating over what was to come that afternoon at our local coffee shop Bivy , I took out my Ryan Gosling Notebook and we each jotted down three things we were committed to out of this meeting.

My commitments for the meeting were: Abundance, Excitement and Transformation, LJ was committed to Awesomeness, Freedom and Fun. With a list like this, we couldn’t go wrong!

We felt better already, so we jumped in the Fresh Mobile and headed across town to the RTR offices. We were ready for this! Whatever comes our way, we know that what we’re committed to is showing all women how they can have it all! We are committed to transforming lives through fashion – and having everyone feel as beautiful as they are inside and out. We knew that an inside look into how we do business could inspire many women to pursue their dreams – because we know anything is possible! All we needed was assistance from RTR media to take that possibility to the world!

As we climbed the stairs to the RTR offices, we were giggling with nerves – but they disappeared as we were greeted by Paul and Dena who instantly made us feel at home. We were escorted to a small meeting room with a table, four chairs and a camera. A CAMERA. WE WERE IN HEAVEN!

Dena and Paul asked us questions about ourselves, our lives and our business. It was like a get-to-know-you session, only it was video taped for posterity. Both Dena and Paul made us feel so comfortable – it was like an awesome brainstorming session and less of a meeting or interview.

Paul is a super tall, cute Australian who does a great job hiding his accent, and doing a South African accent. We loved Dena right away with a flower in her hair and butterflies on her sweater. She’s our kind of girl. They were just as admiring of us as well, telling us how much fun they had in our get-together! We had a great time getting to know Dena and Paul, and visiting the RTR Media offices. We’re so excited about the opportunities available with RTR Media – maybe it could be winning a Canadian screen award like the one LJ had fun posing with (see below)!

We’ll keep you posted as things develop! In the meantime, if we were to do a show, what do you think we should talk about? What would you like to know about Fresh Collective, our stores, our head office or our designers?

Let us know in the comments below and maybe we’ll VINE episodes of it 🙂 How fun!

Here’s a vine of us prancing from lunch on Friday. #prancercise!


FRESH GUEST: Fun with Fashion Takes Action

Last week our Marketing Manager, Jenna and our fearless leader Laura-Jean had a fun night out on the town celebrating local fashion. Below is a guest blog post from Jenna sharing all the night’s adventures and discoveries… Read on!

Last Wednesday, Laura-Jean and I went to Fashion Takes Action’s Connect Beauty event and had a spectacular time! Our friend Kelly Drennan was hosting her annual fundraiser to support both Fashion Takes Action and the WHEN Network.

photo 1_1

 We were excited to walk to the venue, but the darn weather wouldn’t cooperate so Laura-Jean picked me up in the Fresh Mobile at 6:45pm. I knew it was going to be a great night as when I walked out the door of the office. LJ looked at me with her jaw dropped and said “Wow! I only put my hair in a pony tail”! HA! I had done a pin up style do to match my adorable Michelle Carey polka dot Amy Dress ($175)!

Hair in a pony tail or not, LJ also looked fabulous – she was wearing Brenda Beddome’s colourful side-draped dress ($182) .

photo 3

Of course the minute we were ready to hit the road, the car alarm started going off. There we were, outside of our offices, in a branded car, scrambling to figure out how to turn off the car alarm. We couldn’t stop laughing, and were actually hoping it would happen again when we got to the event so we could really make a grand entrance.
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