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Today I’m featuring another piece from Mandala Design – the Charlie Slouch Tee. So simple and beautifully cut and draped to fit and flatter so many body types. It comes in a rainbow of colours at all of our locations.

Buy the Charlie Slouch Tee online here: BUY NOW

Charlie slouch tee

Jane shows off three different looks with the Charlie tee and simple black jeans.

This piece is a fantastic wardrobe builder.  At FC, we want you to be choosing versatile pieces you’ll love for a long time and be able to wear in many different ways.


Here, Samantha Hurwitz, author of Leadership is Half the Story, shows off a Charlie Slouch Tee with a Sara Flip Print Skirt also by Mandala Design.  See Samantha’s Style Profile here.

This one is a no-brainer staple to get for your wardrobe- so much so that many of our customers grab several in a variety of colours. You can mix it match it with pants, skirts, blazers, sweaters. Dress it up or down for work or play.

Just check out all the ways we’ve styled it and get inspired!

Buy the Charlie Slouch Tee online here: BUY NOW


Here Rachel Zuckerbrot, our Style Coach at Kensington, pairs the Charlie tee with a BurfurtART necklace and diamond patterned pants from Brenda Beddome.


Angela Osmond, our Store Manager at Roncesvalles shows off three looks with the Charlie Tee.


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Top 3 tips for indie fashion designers in Canada

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In my role as Product Coordinator at Fresh Collective, I feel privileged to work with up to 50 designers each year.  These designers are all entrepreneurs as well which is key to making it as a designer.  Essentially, they are each running a small manufacturing business. They develop, test and tweak their products, then manage production, sales, marketing and bookkeeping.

It takes a lot to juggle all these jobs successfully and keep putting out fresh products each season.  Here are my top 3 tips for succeeding in launching your own line:

1. Research:  Find out as much as you can by browsing stores, meeting people and looking at other products out there that would be your competition.  Go all over the city, store to store. Learn about the boutiques. Find ones you love. Talk to the people working there and see if you can see your line fitting it. Look at the garments and jewellery; examine how they are constructed, look the price. How is your product going to stand out? How will you produce items that will sell at a marketable price?  Will your line play a nice complement to the other lines and help them sell?   Then research potential customers- your friends and family is a good place to start! Show people your samples and ask their opinions of them. Knowledge is power!

supporting local designers

Jane Haselgrove wearing a dress by Melow from Montreal in the Queen Street location of Fresh Collective.


2. Get started selling: Do craft shows, special sales and events. Get your product in front of real people. Test it out on the market. Find out who your customer is and what they love. Back in the day, I also had my own clothing line and Jennifer Fukushima and I used to share a booth at the Clothing Show once in a while. Meet other designers and come up with ways to collaborate on a space at a craft show if you have to. This way when you show your line to retailers you can tell them what your best sellers are. (Hint: That’s the first question I always ask when I meet a new designer!)

3. Start small. Design 2 to 5 key pieces and perfect them.  Many designers spread themselves too thin thinking that they need to produce a full collection.  What happens too often is they drain their money and time and miss the season. And then they repeat the mistake the next season.   What works is building a repertoire of core pieces that sell well and that you can create variations on.  A fabulously fitting dress can be done in many fabrics, with short sleeves or long, and can make your whole career.  Simple and easy reproduction of a best selling piece will be your money maker.


I’m very proud of the work we do at Fresh Collective to partner with designers to grow our business along with theirs.  I feel a particular sense of pride when a new designer starts with us and we get to watch their progress as they work hard, innovate, take feedback and work some more to start really seeing some success.  It feels awesome to send a  sales report with a little note like, “You better get to work!  We’re almost sold out of your dresses!”

Are you an emerging or established Canadian designer interested in selling with us?  Please get in touch and tell us about your line!

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Ms. Haselgrove’s Picks and Tips – Bloomin’ Brilliant Design

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A new label has an infinitely better chance of succeeding when the designer is able to respond to the customers’ needs.  It takes a lot of work and flexibility to make sure your product is succeeding when it hits the marketplace and some designers can get discouraged when sales are slow to begin with.

Rhea Jacinto of Bloomin’ Brilliant Design is a great example of an adaptable entrepreneur.   She works with me every week to bring new styles, replenish what’s sold and switch out what hasn’t.  Through being this involved, I know she is gaining valuable insight to design the pieces that people will love – and buy!

When a designer is new, I’m happy to spend extra time helping them understand what customers are looking for.  Sometimes the design is beautiful, but it might not be practical to wear to work and some tweaks can help make the style more accessible.  Sometimes, with clothing, it can be fit or comfort issues.  To succeed as a designer means getting all the elements right- quality, price point, fit, comfort and style- and that’s not easy to do!

Aside from being a smart and easy-to- work with business person, Rhea is a very creative and talented designer.  Of all her pieces, I love her statement necklaces the best.  I chose three of my favourites to feature here.


Necklace: Onora – Bloomin’ Brilliant, $52


Necklace: Mara – Bloomin’ Brilliant, $ 55


Necklace: Lexa – Bloomin’ Brilliant, $ 83


Come on in and check out Rhea Jacinto’s fabulous line of jewellery, Bloomin’ Brilliant at Queen Street and Roncesvalles.




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Ms. Haselgrove’s Picks and Tips!

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In my role as Product Coordinator for Fresh Collective, I’m responsible to find great design and quality and bring it to our racks for our wonderful customers. Sometimes I’m looking for statement pieces- that bold print or cool asymmetrically cut sweater-  and other times, I’m looking for great basic style and design that’s simple, but never “plain”.

These pieces from the Desserts and Skirts Spring 2015 line are those great basics. These are wardrobe builders that you can accessorize all kinds of ways to make them dressy, business casual or just everyday casual, while always looking polished and cute.

Ms Haselgrove

Jane Haselgrove models her picks from the early Spring Arrivals at the Queen Street store.Top: Panel Tee- Desserts and Skirts, $58
Skirt: Denim Pocket A-line, $88
Necklace: Rhode, Bloomin’ Brilliant, $67

In this picture I’ve topped the outfit off with a statement necklace, but a colourful silk scarf, a bold pendant or a blazer are just three of the many possible ways you could style this outfit.

When choosing the wardrobe building pieces, I always look for the subtle style details that make the piece a blank canvas for accessories and your personality.

There’s nothing “plain” about the simple pieces we look for at Fresh Collective!

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