FC Event: Meet the hosts of Bare All!

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We’re excited to bring  you YET ANOTHER awesome FC Event tomorrow night at our Queen St store…

Meet the hosts of Bare All!

Bare All is not your typical women’s retreat. Think girls weekend meets life overhaul. This event gives you the chance to meet the hosts of Bare All in a panel style Q and A, and learn more about how they will transform your life this February in beautiful Muskoka. This event is sure to be a blast whether you are signed up for the Bare All retreat, or if you just want to learn more about what’s possible at Bare All.



One of the lovely founders, co-active coach Jordana Halpert, shares the story of how Bare All came to be, and what you can expect from this adventure:

A few years back I was on my way to Muskoka, about to embark on my first ‘off site’ development weekend as a new manager. I was nervous, I was excited, it felt like camp. Only, you know… more professional.

I came to love those retreat weekends because everyone there brought their knowledge but dropped their ego. We stayed up all night talking about how our lives were going to change when we got home, buzzing about the actions we would take in life and business. The training was intensive. The conversation was powerful. We felt like sisters by the end.  We still do.

When I stepped out of managing a team to become an entrepreneur, I was left craving that kind of learning environment, so it didn’t take much for sparks to fly over coffee with a friend. She said she would love to get her three fave people in a room together and see what happens. I said I can do better. And three days later, Bare All was born.

know the power that comes from filling a chalet with amazing and brilliant women (and some wine). I also know how inspired I have felt ever since AshleyShannon and I met for the first time. And I can honestly say that this weekend will change lives. Hell, just planning it has already changed mine.

It takes immersion in a new mentality for something to really alter in our brains. New communities do that. When you are surrounded by people who inspire you, who are looking for change in their lives as well, it pushes you harder. Just like in yoga class when you secretly compare yourself to the guy next to you and then try something new.

Many development programs will do that- have you immerse yourself to feel the change. Problem is that it’s not accessible. You go home to a different world with the same old people, and ancient brain patterns just go on autopilot all over again. The approach of Bare All is what makes us different. We don’t want a weekend that doesn’t feel like life itself. We want honesty, and community, and sparks of change. But we also want wine, and good food, and practical action plans.

This isn’t just a retreat. It isn’t a girl’s weekend either. It’s both. It’s creating a community to support you when you go back to the city. It’s connecting like-minded women who are powerful and inspiring. Oh, and adding yoga to the weekend doesn’t hurt either.

We will bring our problems to this little cabin in the woods, work on them, and head home with new plans of business for our lives. We will sort out blockages in our bodies, minds and energy. We will talk about our sex lives with an expert, giggle like school girls, and learn a LOT. And if you’re not there, you will be jealous. Promise.

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The Good. The Bad. The Human.



We are pleased to be hosting a wonderful workshop at our Queen St location tomorrow night, lead by the inspirational Jordana Halpert of Simple Wisdom.

Ever feel like some days a little devil is in your head, taking everything the wrong way no matter how hard you try? And then there are those days when everything feels perfect and you are most yourself. This workshop explores why we experience such polar opposites and how to gain back control over your circumstances.

simple fearless

“Plain and simple, Jordana created the space for a shift in my thinking – and thus, in my life – to occur. Through her vision exercises, I was able to mentally create and then in reality replicate the person that I aspired to be. Through her coaching, my confidence levels were uncovered and elevated in ways that I never could have imagined. Jordana’s gentle, supportive and insightful style of coaching enabled a renewed sense of confidence that now bleeds into my professional and personal endeavors in many positive ways. Jordana is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to development, inspiration and action.”

– Amy C. Willis

More information on Simple Wisdom:

Simple Wisdom is an alternative style of vision coaching designed to inspire, direct, and put into action your life’s biggest goals.

We truly believe that anyone can be successful if they follow their true passion with a solid plan and supportive community. Our mission is to make Toronto the world’s most passionate and expressive city through developing a higher understanding of Leadership in the city’s Wellness Community.

Simple Wisdom works with professionals in the health & wellness service industry through Personal Coaching Programs, Group Coaching Programs, Workshops, Seminars, and Speaking Events. Topics span a range leadership subjects such as integrity & time management, communication, leading others, building a small business, branding, and many more.


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