Style Profile – Patty K

Patty is one of the most fabulous people in my life. We chat about makeup and men and then head out for trivia nights. Brainy and beautiful would be a limiting description of this woman. Patty captures her spunky energy in every way she styles herself; from fabulous nail art to creative accessories that all work for her lifestyle. Each outfit we chose accentuates Patty’s figure that she’s ready to show off after dropping over 100 pounds since 2012.

We’ve become great friends in short amount of time through our love of fashion. We stopped in at our local Kensington cafe – The Grind House – for a fun morning photo shoot. And to cheers to our friendship over our other love, coffee!  <3 Terri-Leigh

Name: Patty Kamarinos
Occupation: Makeup Artist + Esthetician + Beauty Blogger
Age: 30-something but who’s counting?
Lifestyle: one part Girl about town, two parts social butterfly with a sprinkle of introversion to recharge.


Dress: A-Line dress in red – Atelier B $175.00
Necklace: Curious Oddities $26.00
Belt: Kimono belt in brown – Susana Erazo $160.00
Shoes: Lonna T in Black – Hush Puppies $100.00 


The A-line cut of this dress was perfect for Patty’s hourglass shape. I wanted to accent her curves without over emphasizing. The rule of thirds really helped in creating this – keeping the portions suitable to her height and figure. The belt also created a more defined waist and becomes a great accent piece.



What’s a typical day like for you?
Beautifying urban goddesses & satiating my adventurous curiosities with the help of copious amounts of caffeine.

What in your life is really important to you?
Being surrounded by amazing people whether it be family, friends, colleagues or clients. There’s a special place in my heart for my nephew, Niko, though. That kid is my sunshine.

What would you like to be remembered for?
Inspiring and allowing people to see the natural beauty they possess.


Dress: Calamity Jane dress in Black – Annie 50 $179.00
Bracelet: Rock Candy – BurfurtART $45.00


Patty is a bit of a rock star but still professional. The clean lines and knee length hem of the dress keep this outfit age appropriate without limiting her personality. Again, an accentuated waist helps to maintain proportions without distracting from her silhouette.

What role does fashion play in your life?
Fashion is the root of my inspiration as a makeup artist. The colours, the textures, the lines; it not only ignites inspiration for makeup ideas but invites a freedom of expression of how I want to present myself to the world.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?
I love that it is Toronto-centric and supports local designers.

What do you have that you want to promote?
I have been running my beauty blog, Inside The Makeup Case  for a few years now. It’s a great outlet for me to share looks, tips and my professional expertise with my audience and is the catalyst for allowing me to constantly research what new products, trends and techniques are out there.


Dress: Kladis wrap dress in Leopard -Bionic $119.00
Necklace: Rock Candy w Extender – BurfurtART $57.00
Shoes: Patty’s own


The sleeve length on this wrap dress was a happy discovery for us as we picked out necklines that Patty could move in. This dress can carry her from work with an added cropped jacket or cardigan (perfect for her waist height) and then removed for a night out. The leopard print shows off her energy without being too bold for her shape.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
Since making a huge lifestyle change that allowed me to lose 130 lbs last year, I also have a tumblr that focuses on clean recipes that are delicious and nutritious; a way for me to keep an online recipe box of sorts.

IG: whiplashes
Twitter: @whiplashes

The Swagger Coach: Come Wandering With Me

swagger coach
I love people-watching. I also love wandering aimlessly. If you combine the two, you get my typical weekend activity, which is wandering around a cool area, taking in the sights and sounds and enjoying what my city has to offer. You guys know that I love my city to bits, but it’s not just for the sake of local loyalty. I truly think my city is a groovy place to be with zillions of cool neighbourhoods and communities to explore! The weather has finally become reasonable (seriously, thirty-six degree weather, what were you thinking?) so I’ll be back to scampering around the city and enjoying every minute of it. I’ve come to be more attached to certain areas than others, possibly due to me being a creature of habit and revisiting some quite often, so I wanted to share my favourite places with you guys this week. If you happen to be there at the same time, say hi!

Toronto Island – 
Getting over there by ferry can be a bittersweet experience. The beautiful breeze, the fresh air and the lovely view can be momentarily soured by the overwhelming shriek of children, and the even more overwhelming shriek of their parents as they beg them not to toss their toys and bottles overboard. That being said, once the ferry docks, a whole new world opens up. They have a charmingly tame amusement park geared towards children, or ride-o-phobes like me. You can perch on the gondola ride as it carries you over the park, pet furry beasts at the petting zoo (watch out for the goats though, they’re not there to make friends), pedal your way along the paths in a manually-powered retro-style golf cart, or sit at one of the many patio restaurants which overlook the ponds and lake. My personal favourite hideaway spot is a bit further into the Island though. If you arrive at the Centerville port, and travel east along the main path you come across a series of small, abandoned beaches with lovely rocks scattered about. A few minutes further, there is a lovely dock which is PERFECT for achieving that cottagey-relaxed vibe without having to pack up the van and haul the crew into the middle of the wilderness. I never see anyone around those beaches, and they’re a lovely and semi-private place which is great for photography, allowing your group to gallop around without being crammed in with the crowd, or even picnic dinners for two as the sun sets. Love!

Fern and I love visiting the beaches here for their beautiful view and secluded beaches. So romantic and pretty!

Kensington Market – 
I’m a bohemian at heart. There will always be a small part of me that wants to toss my phone off a bridge and spend the afternoon banging a tambourine and dancing in the sunshine. Luckily for me, I work in the heart of one of the coolest communities in Toronto. Kensington Market was originally home to refugees, activists, and other social and political rebels who made their homes within this accepting, inclusive community of cool cats. At any given time you can find folks in groups playing music in the park, strangers bonding over vegan cupcakes, and friends poring over old-school vinyls and leather bags from the seventies. The market often smells AMAZING, with the mixture of freshly baked goods and incense dancing up my nose, and the people filling the streets are funky, eclectic and colourful! My parents knew the neighbourhood well – they snuck away from their high school which was just up the street, and dined on the diverse cuisine sold out of independent eateries and trailers, long before I was born! I love spending time in the market, even on my days off, because there is always something to be seen or heard, and new faces to smile at every single day. This neighbourhood is alive and vibrant, and I call it home!

I love my funky, fabulous hood!

Queen Street West – 
This neighbourhood is one which I hope maintains its independence, as it was once known as the hub of up-and-coming fashion and edgy, unique businesses. Over the last few years, quite a few larger corporations have set up shop along the street, but many of the original businesses, and some new fun ones, have made their homes there too. Queen West boasts some of the quirkiest shops, the most progressive salons and the most delicious eateries in the city. The neighbourhood prides itself on the individuality of each and every store, and you can bet you’ll come across some pretty unique things (like Fresh Collective!). Its also a great place to bring your out-of-town friends to, as it truly has something for everyone. I typically walk eastward along Queen west until I hit Nathan Phillips Square, then stop for ice cream and a short bout of people-watching. Its high-energy, high-traffic and high-impact, but its a community unlike any other and it has a lot to be proud of!
Queen St West is such an awesome part of the city. Awesome shopping and sexy, fashionable people everywhere!

What are some of your favourite areas of the city? I’m always looking forward to exploring new places in the city and fun new neighbourhoods! The first three readers to list THEIR top three places to visit will win a complimentary Wardrobe Makeover!

The Swagger Coach: Whoah-oh-oh Jamie’s Crying (with EXCITEMENT!)

swagger coach

Bright, vibrant shades. Swirly, whimsical patterns. The ability to wear shoes without socks. Heck, the ability to wear shoes in general. Spring is a-coming, folks, and I’m super excited to feel wind on my legs and sun on my shoulders again. Will I be that girl dancing like a lunatic in the park in flip-flops and a summer skirt during the first semi-decent weekend in March? Possibly, but consider it my ode to the upcoming season rather than a chemical imbalance inside the ole’ noggin.

I’m a fashion fiend and a tragic over-spender, so any change of season creates a rush inside of me that can only be compared to new love, or possibly a really well-made pasta dish. Your wardrobe is your uniform, and it conveys more about you than you know. Are you fussy with details and accents like trimming and buttons? Are you simple and classic like a well-fitting pair of jeans and a cute tee? Are you a girl-on-the-go in yoga pants and a hoodie? What you wear is the image your project unto the world, and if your outfits start to form a pattern, it begins to tell a bit more about you as a person, your lifestyle, your attitude. Right now, my outfit tells me that I’m the lovechild between the citizens of Pleasantville and Shoshanna from Girls. I’m in a coral pleated dress, a white lace-on-knit cardigan and a matching set of pearl earrings and necklace. Tonight I’ll likely be in skinny jeans, knee-high boots, a long layered necklace and a fitted top, since I’ll be hitting a show at the Hard Rock. The following day, I may not even wear pants since I have no plans other than cleaning my apartment and doing dishes. Oversized t-shirt for the win.

My wardrobe is stylistically diverse, and I keep it that way to prevent myself from falling into the “trend trap”, where it appears as though your entire collection of clothing was supplied by the same fast-fashion retailer. I play with trends, but I’m not a slave to them, and like to keep a hint of retro flair in my outfits to keep things unexpected and playful. I get plenty of inspiration from the lovely ladies I work with and our outstandingly creative, funky customers, and would love to share my top three style-friendly trends for spring with you, primarily so that I’m not the only one hyperventilating about them. Basically, come to my store and flap around like a maniacal bird with me, there’s strength in numbers.

1) OXFORDS – I have always loved oxfords. When I was in high school, I found the most hideous pair of size 7 men’s oxfords in a thrift store, and although I knew I’d likely never get the chance to wear them (they really were decrepit) I had to have them and took them home. I racked my brain trying to find an excuse to break out these bad boys, but alas, it was late summer and they were roughly 5 lbs apiece. That chance didn’t come until early October, when it dawned on me. I collected an oversized blazer, tuxedo pants and a top hat, and a ruffled shirt. I drew two lines from the corners of my mouth to the sides of my chin, and darkened my eyes and eyebrows. I was a haunted ventriloquist dummy for Halloween. Times have changed and the oxfords of this spring are ladylike and classic, rather than boxy and clunky. Plus, with the vintage trend emerging in full-force, the oxford pattern is now found on bags, skirts and even sunglasses. Oh, and these (below) are coming to my store in both black and brown in the upcoming weeks, and are from one of my favourite shoe lines. Pardon me while I take out a line of credit, this season is going to hit me like a ton of bricks.

spring oxford

2) CORAL – Every season I have a colour crush. During the winter season, it was mustard. The one before was emerald and before that (in the summer) I was obsessed with butter yellow. Once every couple of years I fall head over heels with coral, which is (in my opinion) the most universally flattering shade on almost any skin tone, and is the quickest way to liven up a complexion since cream blush. Picking a shade can be a bit tricky, so my best suggestion is the most well-known: Stick out your bottom lip, as though you’re pouting, and the deepest shade of pinky-coral is your best match. This season, orange-based corals are hot, so take that in stride and keep an eye open for those peachy-pinks and grapefruit tones! In store, we’re expecting our best-selling Yoga Jeans in a brand-new shade called Cardinal (vibrant coral) and our year-round essential Paper People tops in a similar shade. We’re also getting the farewell piece from the Fresh Baked Goods collection, the Lauren dress, in coral as well. I wouldn’t suggest wearing them together, per se, but individually these are sure to punch up your wardrobe in a splashy way!

spring coral

3) BELTS – I remember low-rise jeans. I know you do too. Now here’s the dilemma: allow them to shimmy down your hips, or belt them for that exquisite muffin-top look that happens to everyone, regardless of how tight your mid-section is. Belts were things to be hated, and quickly became a staple accessory for the skater crowd of Avril Lavigne wannabes. Then someone in the fashion world sat back on their couch on a night off to watch Grease and said to themselves,”Hmm. Those high-waisted belts sure do create an awesome silhouette.” and suddenly the wide belt was back in fashion. Luckily for us, designers are working in fabrics like elastic, satin and leather for more contemporary versions of throwback styles, and words like “sash belt” and “skinny belt” are commonplace. If you were to walk to your closet right now, you’d find at least five different pieces that could be contemporized or refreshed by adding a belt. Personally (and I know I’m biased here, but you’ve got to see them to understand) I’m absolutely in love with the Susana Erazo belts (carried at Fresh Collective!) which all feature elastic sides, adjustable widths (like a bra strap, they’re unbelievable) and oversized leather-bound buttons as clasps. Her collections also include wide sash belts and skinny classic ones, but the way I see it, the bigger the better! I’ve collected several in classic tones, intense colours and funky combos but my all-time favourite is a whiskey-coloured leather one with two buttons. Love love love.

belts (1)

What are you excited for this spring? Are there any trends which you’re interested in but unsure of how to pull off? Picked up a wicked item but just not sure how to pair it for a modern, stylish effect? I love getting feedback from our fans, so send in your comments and questions! You can reach me at and I’m available for advice, style tips or just to listen to you rant about your terrible ex. Better yet, swing by the Kensington Fresh Collective location and we can do it in person. See you soon friends!

Kenzi is ReFRESHed!


Many of you are familiar with the littlest of our three stores, the very first location associated to the Fresh Collective you’ve come to know and love. Our awesome little community has spread around the Toronto core, and we’re so excited and thankful for our amazing communities of friends, families, and fans. Seeing such an amazing group of people from all walks of life coming together to support local artists and allow them to live their dreams… its absolutely amazing, and I sincerely hope that each of you know what your support and enthusiasm over their art means to each and every one of us involved (especially the designers)! We’ve seen much growth, much change, much anticipation, and much reward, and as a thank-you to the little store which started it all, our Kenzi location has been getting some extra TLC lately!

Over the last few weeks, the store has undergone a total revamp! We’ve renovated our space, allowing us to display a wider selection of amazing spring and summer styles which will be arriving in the next couple of weeks! We’ve moved OUT lots of older styles and moved IN the bestsellers and most legendary pieces from across our locations. The items in-store have been specifically curated to tantalize our world-famous neighbourhood, know for its eclectic variety of cultures, amazing music and wonderful sense of camaraderie amongst total strangers. This type of folk needs to be kept on their toes! (I should know, I’m one of them!) We’ve turned our attention to the extremely distinct (yet fabulously diverse) and creative crowd that is the Kensington Market shopper, and our plans for the spring and summer will knock your socks off! We’ve got a series of trunk shows showcasing never-before seen, totally new artists to Fresh Collective and their captivating creations. Included are quirky-cute mom-n-baby wear and a gothic-inspired hand-painted cameo collection, along with a designer with an affinity for pin-up couture and Marvel comics, plus a theatrical Costume Designer’s fantasy-inspired collection.

We’re currently hosting our Happy New You sale, which has seen insanely low prices on our best-selling brands, and have just been refreshed with the last of the remaining stock from several designers. ALSO, we’ve just added items from the Melow, Kollentai and Ruelle collection to the Kenzi family, which have never before been offered at our location (come in and try on the Melow leggings, they’re fantastic and they feel like you’re wearing butterfly wings on your legs!)
All this and more at the Kenzi store! Come on in and introduce yourself. My name is Jamie, so now the ball is in your court!