Style Profile – Patty K

Patty is one of the most fabulous people in my life. We chat about makeup and men and then head out for trivia nights. Brainy and beautiful would be a limiting description of this woman. Patty captures her spunky energy in every way she styles herself; from fabulous nail art to creative accessories that all work for her lifestyle. Each outfit we chose accentuates Patty’s figure that she’s ready to show off after dropping over 100 pounds since 2012.

We’ve become great friends in short amount of time through our love of fashion. We stopped in at our local Kensington cafe – The Grind House – for a fun morning photo shoot. And to cheers to our friendship over our other love, coffee!  <3 Terri-Leigh

Name: Patty Kamarinos
Occupation: Makeup Artist + Esthetician + Beauty Blogger
Age: 30-something but who’s counting?
Lifestyle: one part Girl about town, two parts social butterfly with a sprinkle of introversion to recharge.


Dress: A-Line dress in red – Atelier B $175.00
Necklace: Curious Oddities $26.00
Belt: Kimono belt in brown – Susana Erazo $160.00
Shoes: Lonna T in Black – Hush Puppies $100.00 


The A-line cut of this dress was perfect for Patty’s hourglass shape. I wanted to accent her curves without over emphasizing. The rule of thirds really helped in creating this – keeping the portions suitable to her height and figure. The belt also created a more defined waist and becomes a great accent piece.



What’s a typical day like for you?
Beautifying urban goddesses & satiating my adventurous curiosities with the help of copious amounts of caffeine.

What in your life is really important to you?
Being surrounded by amazing people whether it be family, friends, colleagues or clients. There’s a special place in my heart for my nephew, Niko, though. That kid is my sunshine.

What would you like to be remembered for?
Inspiring and allowing people to see the natural beauty they possess.


Dress: Calamity Jane dress in Black – Annie 50 $179.00
Bracelet: Rock Candy – BurfurtART $45.00


Patty is a bit of a rock star but still professional. The clean lines and knee length hem of the dress keep this outfit age appropriate without limiting her personality. Again, an accentuated waist helps to maintain proportions without distracting from her silhouette.

What role does fashion play in your life?
Fashion is the root of my inspiration as a makeup artist. The colours, the textures, the lines; it not only ignites inspiration for makeup ideas but invites a freedom of expression of how I want to present myself to the world.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?
I love that it is Toronto-centric and supports local designers.

What do you have that you want to promote?
I have been running my beauty blog, Inside The Makeup Case  for a few years now. It’s a great outlet for me to share looks, tips and my professional expertise with my audience and is the catalyst for allowing me to constantly research what new products, trends and techniques are out there.


Dress: Kladis wrap dress in Leopard -Bionic $119.00
Necklace: Rock Candy w Extender – BurfurtART $57.00
Shoes: Patty’s own


The sleeve length on this wrap dress was a happy discovery for us as we picked out necklines that Patty could move in. This dress can carry her from work with an added cropped jacket or cardigan (perfect for her waist height) and then removed for a night out. The leopard print shows off her energy without being too bold for her shape.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
Since making a huge lifestyle change that allowed me to lose 130 lbs last year, I also have a tumblr that focuses on clean recipes that are delicious and nutritious; a way for me to keep an online recipe box of sorts.

IG: whiplashes
Twitter: @whiplashes

Designer-Inspired Makeup: a How-To by the Swagger Coach

swagger coach
makeup post july 5
A customer of mine recently asked me to do a blog on makeup. Makeup has always been a rather fun tool in my roster of make-myself-look-cool ammo, and I’m excited to review three simple, fun and fresh ways to match your lovely, lovely face to your lovely, lovely Fresh Collective outfits!

If you’re a makeup lover and a product junkie, this will simply be a review for you to browse. But, if you’re the type of gal who tosses on a coat of Chapstick and runs a comb through your hair, you’ll love these easy-squeezy ways to update your look with a bit of feminine flair!



Inspired By: Yasmine Louis, Things Aren’t So Terrible, Paper People, Studio Fresh
The Vibe: Breezy and low-maintenance
Perfect for: Moms on the go, students who sleep for 3 hours per night, and naturalistas who prefer a minimal product count.
Style Icons: Tina Fey, Rachel McAdams, Kate Hudson
A single coat of waterproof lengthening mascara does wonders for opening up the eyes and bringing attention to those gorgeous peepers! I could not survive without mine, because I have naturally short, white-blonde eyelashes which totally disappear without a coat or two of mascara. I’d advise lengthening over volumizing, which may clump and look odd on an almost-bare face. Add a (generous) dollop of SPF moisturizer and top with a teeny dab of cheek stain which lasts for hours and won’t rub off or get smudgy in the summer humidity. Highlighting the cheeks and the lashes makes the face look more awake, alert, and lively. A dab of blush and a swipe of mascara can undo the effects of a late night or a sluggish morning, and you can bet people will notice how refreshed you look! Focus the mascara on the outside upper row of lashes, and wiggle gently near the base. Also, forget that old rule about applying blush along the cheekbones. To create a genuine-looking faux flush, blend blush where your cheeks naturally flush. Smile big, and blend up and out on the apples of your cheeks, about two-fingers-width away from your nose. Fresh and lively!



Inspired by: Mandala Design, Rita De Cesare, Desserts and Skirts, Michelle Carey
The Vibe: Playful and retro
Perfect for: The creative professional, the office quirky-girls, and the gals who like to play with colour.
Style Icons: Greta Gerwig, Zooey Deschanel, Christina Hendricks
There are three main aspects of the “perfect pinup” look, and each of these can be fulfilled without looking as though you’re about to hit a 50s theme party. First off, a strong, well-shaped brow goes a long way. Lining the underside of the brow with a pencil in the same shade (or lighter!) with a well-sharpened brow pencil should be done with tiny, feathery strokes to create the effects of real hairs. Comb thoroughly with a brow brush, blending upwards and outwards. If they’re still looking a little undefined, trace around the edges with a cotton swab with makeup remover, to tidy up edges. Next, a bold cat-eye effect is created with liquid liner and a good mascara. Trust me on this one, those pen-style eyeliners are my absolute favourite invention, because when I was trying to navigate my way across my face with a brush, my lids looked more like the screen on a heart monitor than the sleek black line I was going for. I prefer waterproof liner and mascara for humid, sticky days like these, so my cat eyes don’t turn into panda smudges. Layer on two strong coats of volumizing mascara, focusing on the outside upper corners to get fluttery, flirty lashes. A signature berry-tinted pout completes the look, and can be achieved with a gloss or tinted balm, which is a foolproof way of adding colour and moisture without having to check your teeth compulsively in the dark screen of your phone. Play this look up with a candy-coloured shadow, or a stripe of a bold hue along the bottom lash line. Blow yourself a kiss in the mirror, you’re adorable.



Inspired by: Address Apparel, Kollontai, Dinh Ba
The Vibe: Sophisticated and Sexy
Perfect For: First dates, second dates and many, many more dates, celebrations, parties and evenings out.
Style Icons: Mila Kunis, Penelope Cruz, Kat Dennings
Well defined, smoky eyes and lightly bronzed cheeks create a golden goddess effect, and with only a few magic ingredients. For this look you’ll need a flesh-toned shimmery shadow which matches your tone, a similar shadow, but in a deeper hue, a dark pencil liner, volumizing mascara, a nude lip colour and a LIGHT bronzer. First off, dust bronzer (Lightly! Believe me, less is more when it comes to bronzer, I promise you) across your face in the areas the sun would touch; along the tops of your cheek bones, the top of your nose, a tap on your forehead and a mini-tap on your chin. Blend the lighter shadow across the entire lid, then dab (again, lightly) the darker shade along your lashline. Don’t worry about precision, it’ll be blended in a moment. Well, try to keep it off your ears. You know what I mean. Tap excess powder off your brush, and blend the entire lid in tiny, circular motions. Once smoothly blended, add a wispy line of liner along the top lashline, and along the outside corners of your bottom lashes. Two strong coats of mascara along the upper and lower lashes, focusing on the middle and outside corner of the eyes to create a wide-eyed effect. Top with a swipe of nude lipstick and a wink, and you’re the star of the show.