Become a FC Ambassador!

Fresh Collective is here because of all the wonderful people who join us on our journey – designers, staff, fans and customers. It’s important to us to be part of the community, spreading joy and beauty through what we do in many ways.
We’re looking for a few good women to help spread the word about what’s fabulous at Fresh Collective. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to join the inner circle at Fresh Collective. You’ll get first glimpse at our clothing each season, get products to review, and you’ll be treated like a Fresh Collective VIP with photo shoots, product samples, invites to special events (ours and other people’s too!).

In return, we ask that you share the good word about what you have experienced through our FC Ambassador program. Rant and/or rave about the product we’ve provided you, share the experiences you’ve had with us on your social media channels (and ours) and help us spread the good word. Phew, being a social butterfly is hard work!

If you’re interested in being a 2013 FC Ambassador, click here and tell us why!
Also, meet our current FC Ambassadors here.


Toronto Fashion Week : In-store Events Calendar

It’s Fashion Week in our fair city, and Fresh Collective has joined forces with some great partners to bring you perks and primping from Monday to Friday! * **

Check out the event schedule below and mark your calendar for some great Fresh Collective fun!

MONDAY OCTOBER 22: Aesthetically Pleasing will be offering in-store mini manicures in the seasons hottest colours!

TUESDAY OCTOBER 23: Our friend (and FC Ambassador) Melanie of DaLish Cosmetics will be in-store offering fall makeup touch-ups!

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 24: Save 20% on our Designer of the Day! (Keep your eye on social media to find out which designer will be on special).

THURSDAY OCTOBER 25: SheeBody will be offering 15 minute massages to ease your stressed-out shopping muscles!

FRIDAY OCTOBER 26: Save 20% on our Designer of the Day! (Keep your eye on social media to find out which designer will be on special).

* all services subject to time and availability – first come first served (so hurry in)!
** offers available at Queen Street location only from 1pm-5pm daily.

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INTRODUCING… MELANIE CRUICKSHANK – 2012 FC AMBASSADOR :: @DaLishCosmetics :: DaLish Cosmetics on Facebook

I’m Melanie Cruickshank, and since I can remember, I have been a die-hard beauty addict.

My love affair with makeup began when I was four years old. I used to play with my Mother’s makeup and I realized then the power that makeup has; the ritual of opening the packages, the freedom to create any face you want, and the fun of playing with your features to bring your best face to life. I spent the rest of my life from that point learning everything I can about makeup. I had stacks of Fashion magazines in my bedroom. I had bins of makeup products. I tried it all. I wanted to perfect what every woman wants; that hyper-natural flawless look. After years of trying everything in the market, I noticed that although I had my weekday look down to a science, it still took up to 20 minutes to create (and there were more than a few mornings where that wasn’t an option. I needed a way to recreate the “flawless natural” look I had worked so diligently on in 5 minutes or less.

Nature gave me 5 tools on each hand. I wanted to use just my fingers or sometimes a Q-tip to create my look. Not willing to believe that my trusted friend cosmetics had turned their back on me, I began to research how makeup is made. I threw myself into researching every ingredient in my favourite products. I made lists. I researched things I couldn’t pronounce. I decided if the ideal products wouldn’t come to me, would make them. My kitchen soon became a mad scientists lab of foundations and eye shadows. Instead of leftovers, I had trays of lip balm stored in my fridge. After a hard day’s work, I had liquid eyeliner under my fingernails. I tested the makeup ceaselessly. I got my prep time in the morning down to 5 minutes, and my after work day-to-night transformation down to about the same. What’s more is women started asking me about the funny tubes I was always carrying with me. I expanded my test to my girlfriends and colleagues. They all noticed how universal the colours were. They magically looked beautiful on whoever tried them. DaLish became a reality.

A few months later, the testing was complete: the product “just worked” and was a hit with a small circle of girls I shared it with. I decided to take DaLish to the next level. I hope you enjoy my products. I made them with real women in mind.

Favourite Toronto Hang Out:
Depends on my day – 416 Snack Bar, Grand Electric and Foggy Dew patio are staples for me.

Torontonian You Admire:
so many to choose from… I’m huge fans of Corrine Anestopoulos of Biko (jewellery designer), Jessica Jensen (hand bags designer), Philip Sparks (fashion Designer) They have inspired me along the way and always blown away by how talented they are and business savvy.

Favourite Local Music:
we have so many! Bedouin Soundclash, Billy Talent, Metric, Lights – Lots of amazing talent in this city.

Best Coffee in the City:
Balzac’s! I get a fix from my favourite place Clafouti.

Anything else you’d like to share?:
I like to play Ping Pong, eat rainbow sherbet and dance to old school hip hop after a few cocktails!