Fresh10: Top TEN Things I Have Learned from Motherhood

To celebrate Mother’s Day – we reached out to one of our favourite blogger friends and FC models (you may recognize her from our store windows/walls and all over the internet as one of our “Swing into Spring” models). Emma is a self-proclaimed “urban working mom” and and her blog Strolling the City in Heels is full of fashion, beauty, recipes, and all kinds of “mum stuff.” In the spirit of our 10 year anniversary we’re creating all sorts of TOP TEN content, so we asked Emma to list the Top TEN things being a mum has taught her. Check out her list below and be sure to stop by her blog!


My son Ian was born suddenly via emergency c-section in February 2011 and his
traumatic entrance was tough for me. It was his perfect little face and super big feet
that got me through the recovery and sleepless nights those first few months. Every
mother has a story like this and I think that Mother’s Day is about celebrating the
things we Mums do each day to try to make a good life for our little people. Someday
we can remind them about the big thing we did on the day they were born- bringing
them into this world in the first place.

10.) Yoga pants seem like a good idea but they do nothing for your self-esteem
9.) You will talk about poop more then you ever thought possible.
8.) You never feel rested even after 8 blissful hours of sleep
7.) Red lipstick can make you feel like a human being again
6.) Sometimes you hate your partner for knocking you up in the first place but when
you see the way your child looks at him, you remember why you fell in love in the
first place.

Emma, her husband Cam and a not-yet-born little Ian

Emma, her husband Cam and a not-yet-born little Ian

5.) Love for your child grows every day even when they are driving you completely
4.) Your mother deserves a medal for raising you. It is so much harder then you
3.) A love of reading is the most wonderful gift you can give a child
2.) There is nothing like the smell of your child after a bath.
1.) Hearing your child call you mum for the first time is the most perfect moment of
your life

Mum and Ian

Mum and Ian


What are the Top Ten things you’ve learned about being a mom, or maybe the Top Ten things you love about your mom? Sound off in the comments below!

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