Style Profile – Tammy Gunn

Name: Tammy Gunn
Occupation: Chief of FUN & FITNESS at the Live OUT LOUD Movement
Age: 38 going on 21 years old!
Lifestyle:  Active 


Shop this look!  Hat here. Top here in green, black and blue.  Bag by Matt & Nat here. Shop these shoes in plum and grey.  (Skirt is in store only at this time)


Shop these shoes in plum and grey.

What’s a typical day like for you?  I get up in the morning and start with walking my 6 year old boxer/or running him, then off to emails, creating the day and selecting music and choroegraphy, followed by some media marketing and a shot of espresso!  The daytime is spent alot on the business side and then night because zumba ZUMBA ZUMBA!!

 What in your life is really important to you?  Family is very important to me and so is the future for ALL children in the world! 


All pieces shown here available at our Queen street location.  Hoodie by Oom Ethikwear, leggings by Fate Designs and Boots by El Naturalista available in black and red.

Tammy collage

What would you like to be remembered for?  Making a difference in people’s lives.  

What role does fashion play in your life? Fashion is a statement of creativity and personality.  I am usually in workout gear but to step into a funky dress or pant suit makes me feel sexy and successful!

 What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?  Honestly, in my experience, it is the staff. They can put things together that I never would have imagined would work. I usually walk into the changeroom thinking “really? Are they sure about this?” and then I step out feeling and looking AMAZING! I never could have that transformation on my own!


Shop this top here and more tops from Yasmine Louis here.  Shop Yoga Jeans here.


These boots by El Naturalista available at our Queen street location only at this time.

What do you have that you want to promote?   My business is all about empowering women to live a stressfree live and feel confident sexy and FABULOUS!! I do this through teaching zumba fitness and laughter yoga. My classes are created in a way that every muscles is worked, you are laughing alot in class and you walk out completely sweaty and smiling from head to toe! First class is always free so there is no commitment. I think my classes speak for themselves and leave you wanting more! Our schedule is online check me out on You Tube….put in Tammy Gunn and many videos (including my boxer dancing) will pop up!

Is there anything else we should know about you? I am easily approachable and do lifestyle and health coaching for those who want a little more than just the fitness component.

Where can people find you on social media?





Style Profile – 15 More Outfits to Inspire You for FALL!

Here are 15 MORE Fall Outfit Ideas featuring our gorgeous and talented ladies from our Style Profiles.  Did you miss the last 15 outfits earlier this week?

If you’d like to be featured in a Style Profile, get in touch.  We’d LOVE to hear from you!

Our Style Profile is PACKED with style ideas and inspiration, all modelled by women from our community!  Our customers have a certain something- they’re busy, and awesome and inspiring – and that’s how our Style Profile was born!

Siobhan Collage

Name: Siobhan Özege
Occupation: Communications Strategist
Age: 28
Lifestyle: Everything all at once

Look 1: Lou Lou Dress by Oom Ethikwear
Look 2: Leigh Dress by Mandala Design in 40’s floral.  Also available in rust nitelite, pink nitelite, navy holes, aqua holes and teal nitelite
Look 3:  Two way cardigan by Brenda Beddome in charcoal, teal, light grey and wine. Graphic tee by Yasmine Louis, Gloria flip skirt by Mandala Design available in purple, red and brown online.  More colours in store.

Nina Collage

Name: Nina Gilmour
Occupation: Actor
Age: 29
Lifestyle: Champagne

Look 1: Tunic by Desserts and Skirts, Essential Spanx Leggings available in umber or black.
Look 2: Sumika Dress by Annie 50.
Look 3:  Top by Helene Clarkson and skirt by Michelle Carey. Sold out.  

Kara Collage

Name:  Kara Isert
Occupation:  Owner of Sparkplug Coffee, fresh roasted coffee delivered to your door!
Age: A few well-earned grey hairs
Lifestyle: urban adventurer

Look 1: Dania floral tunic by Desserts and Skirts and Essential leggings by Spanx (comes in black and umber
Look 2: Dress by Studio Fresh – this style sold out.
Look 3:  Jo Slouch top available in purple, lime, black, navy, red and royal.  Sara flip skirt available in nitelite, lace floral and rain.

Leslie Collage

Name: Leslie McKeown
Occupation: Owner of The Bookkeeping Redhead
Age: 28
Lifestyle: Animal Lover/Movie Buff

Look 1: Zig Zag top by Mandala Design, Yoga Jeans and Snap Cardigan by Elena Wang.
Look 2: Legendary top available in teal, blue and black by Melow; Geeky Deer Skirt by Desserts and Skirts.
Look 3:  Leigh Dress by Mandala Design in aqua holes.  Also available in rust nitelite, pink nitelite, navy holes, 40’s floral and teal nitelite

Shannon Collage

Name: Shannon Lee Simmons
Occupation: Financial Planner/Founder of The New School of Finance
Age: 30
Lifestyle: Urbanite and secret hippie (shhhh)

Look 1: Banks sweater by Gentle Fawn in burgundy or grey. Essential leggings by Spanx (comes in black and umber
Look 2: Leigh Dress by Mandala Design in teal nitelite.  Also available in rust nitelite, pink nitelite, navy holes, aqua holes and 40’s floral.
Look 3:  Grace Dress by Kabuki in burgundy or grey.

Style Profile: Dr. Tanya Lee

Name: Dr. Tanya Lee, N.D.
Occupation: Naturopathic Doctor
Age: 31
Lifestyle: city-folk


Dress: Adiona Maxidress, Encircled, $168; Shrug: Farinosa Shrug, Was $79, now $63.20; Necklace: Makaria- burfurtART, $88


What’s a typical day like for you? I typically start my day off with a run, then spend my day treating patients 5 days a week.  On the weekends I’m often cycling around the city with my friends and/or boyfriend, enjoying the many outdoor treasures the city has to offer.

What in your life is really important to you?  Striving to maintain the optimal balance between good health, social activities and my work.



What would you like to be remembered for? Someone who has helped many people achieve their health goals which enabled them to live happier lives.



Dress: Indra- Creations Encore, $149; Necklace: Real Flower Necklace- Love, Montreal, $30; Bag: Sheenan Doctor Bag, Matt & Nat, $140


What role does fashion play in your life? My career takes up most of the time which can leave very little time for creative, extra-curricular activities.  Putting together unique and well-styled outfits helps bring out my artistic side to accompany my professional day to day life.  I shamelessly love being complimented on my style choices, and extremely proud when the piece is made by a local designer.

 What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? Supporting our local, Canadian businesses and designers!



Tee: Oom Ethikwear; Pants: Dressy Sweatpant – Encircled, $128; Scarf: Black and White Infinity scarf, $35


 What do you have that you want to promote?  I am a naturopathic doctor that is accepting new patients.  I have experience treating a variety of health conditions, including, but not limited to, hormonal imbalances, low energy, sleep problems, digestive concerns, depression, anxiety and complicated conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pain syndromes, thyroid health, autoimmune conditions, and infertility.  I have a special focus on pediatrics.  For more information, people can visit my website at

Is there anything else we should know about you? I’m a music junkie

Where can people find you on social media?





Style Profile: Sarah Couture McPhail

Name: Sarah Couture McPhail
Occupation: Artist/Student/Community Organizer
Age: 41
Lifestyle: Creative urban mom with a streak of Riot Girl


Dress: Annie 50 Tatsumi Dress $185; Bag: Parabole – Matt & Nat


What’s a typical day like for you? This past summer has been a bit chaotic. I was mostly home with my kids while trying to schedule work, community projects, a couple of trips, daily activities (admittedly the kids watched too much t.v. and played around the yard a lot) in with finding time make art for the group show that just went up last week was hectic. I need a break. I can’t wait for school to start next week. As I age, I realize routine is good. Especially when you have young kids… my kids at least.

What in your life is really important to you? Family. Friends. Community. Art. Politics. All passions.

What would you like to be remembered for? For throwing a good wii dance party/bbq. That would be nice.

What role does fashion play in your life? Fashion is so integral to my identity. While I’m reluctant to say it’s important, having grown up during a time where who you were was identified very much by the clothes you wore (i.e. Punk, Preppy, Raver, Goth, Jocks, Metalhead, Geek etc..), way more than today. Today in many ways anything goes and a lot falls under the “hipster” umbrella. While I fight being a slave to clothes, my morning routine is often a battle with my closet. I can’t help it. I like clothes and it’s ingrained from childhood.


(Above: Sarah talks about what she’s passionate about: Family, art and community.)


Scarf: Black and White Infinity scarf, $35; Top: Pullover – Yasmine Louis; Pants: Dressy Sweatpant – Encircled, $128


What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? Quality of the clothes. The atmosphere, and the friendliness and helpfulness of staff. Something for every woman.

What do you have that you want to promote?  I have an Art Show up at Art Square Gallery Cafe across from the AGO. It’s a group show that includes many emerging artists. My encaustics are on the wall just as you enter the Gallery part of the cafe.


Top: Oom Ethikwear; Necklace: Colleen Poitras Skirt: Gloria Solid Flip Skirt – Mandala Design, $88 Bag: Matt & Nat


Where can people find you on social media? is where you will find information and links to most of my projects.


Meet the Fresh Collective Designers – Pascal Benaksas-Couture

Oöm Ethikwear, designed and produced in Montreal, has been a hit since we started selling it at Fresh Collective three seasons ago.  Customers love the great styles and fit of these clothes and find it an great added bonus that the fabrics are sustainable.  Let’s meet the designer, Pascal Benaksas-Couture, and learn a bit more about him and his vision.


-Laura-Jean Bernhardson, CEO and founder of Fresh Collective

Instant_20141118_211558 Name: Pascal Benaksas-Couture

Name of line: OÖM Ethikwear

Description of what you make: An ethical and urban clothing line made of organic cotton and eco-friendly fabrics.

Number of years in business: 10 years



Where and when you’ll find me most days:  Working with my employees as a team, consulting their opinions.

What a typical day at work looks like for me: Fair trade coffee, meetings, solving problems and finding opportunities!


Colg Collar Dress $98

My favourite part of the job: The morning coffee!

The most challenging part of being a designer is….Creating new products every six months without knowing if people will like it!

Something I’m really great at is….Numbers!   Having my own business is…a life philosophy and a lot of liberty!


Rhoodie Sweater Dress $98

My hopes and dreams for my fashion career:  To help create a new reality for the fashion industry with many new ethical companies as alternatives for the consumers. It’s exciting that OÖM will have participated in this revolution!

What I do when I’m not at work: Playing with my two girls   My inspiration as a designer comes from…Newspapers!   Growing up I thought I’d become….a hockey player!

What I like to do to relax: I take a hot tub!

Why I love working with Fresh Collective: I love working with Fresh Collective because everyone believes in what we do!



Favourite social media platform: Facebook, it’s a great way to reach my fans!


A surprising fact about me: I have done my studies in Finance