Introducing I’Moniq Accessories

We’re pleased to welcome another gorgeous line of accessories to the Fresh Collective family! These beautifully crafted accessories featuring gorgeous textiles will be making an appearance at FC Queen THIS WEEK!
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About the Designer:
Monique Anderson successfully received a BA in fashion design from Ryerson University in 2004. Although her love for apparel was very apparent, it was while visiting India that she was inspired to realize her true calling. Her adoration of unique textiles and secret obsession for jewellery meant more than just a shopping experience – it was a way of life. Having been surrounded by colourful textiles and intricate artwork all her life, as a result of an Afro-Caribbean upbringing, Monique’s Indian excursion sparked an interest that had remained dormant for a long time. Monique then took her two loves – jewelry and textiles – and fused them together to give birth to I’MONIQ Accessories.


About I’MONIQ Accessories:
          I’MONIQ Accessories incorporates rich textiles offering a new and fresh take on costume jewelry. The silk scarves used in each piece are hand-dyed in different cities and villages from around the world including Bali, Thailand, and Chennai. These colourful and luxurious scarves are then knotted and combined with diverse materials and transformed into amazing new art forms. A great deal of time, craftsmanship and care goes into each piece resulting in intricate and unique jewelry to complete the finest of collections.
Hand-crafted in Monique’s Toronto-based studio, I’MONIQ offers limited runs of necklaces, bracelets and earrings composed of strong mixed metals, crystals and vibrant silks from cities and villages across the globe. Prices range from $50 – $350.
“I’MONIQ is the perfect marriage of classic and current designs, with a signature twist. The intricate designs and detailed craftsmanship of this jewelry are incomparable to anything I’ve seen. You can see the love and inspiration put into each piece.”
–       Melanie Fiona, Singer, Grammy winner

Check out some stunning designs at the I’Moniq pop up shop this Wednesday and Thursday (Feb 13th and 14th) at our Queen Street store! 1pm-5pm daily.