What happens in a Perfect Fit Wardrobe Makeover?

You may have heard a lot about our Perfect Fit Wardrobe Makeover lately, and many people aren’t totally clear on exactly what it is or what it can offer them.


Our Perfect Fit Makeover is a FREE styling service to help YOU feel amazing, confident and self-expressed through fashion.


We were hearing many of our customers saying things like:

  • “I just don’t know what looks good on me anymore”
  • “Since my size changed I don’t feel confident”
  • “I have a new job and I want to be taken seriously but I still want to feel like myself”
  • “I’ve gotten really lazy about looking good”
  • “I used to have fun with fashion but I don’t want to look like I’m dressing too young.  I need a new look that works for my life now!”

And we knew that we could help, so we built our Wardrobe Makeover Services.

Our Fresh Collective Style Coaches are specially selected for having a real passion for having women look and feel their best.  We add in ongoing training and self-learning so that we can really deliver on women loving themselves, feeling great about how they look and loving fashion as a means of self expression.


Here are real women in outfits from Fresh Collective. Our typical customers include teachers, business women, moms and grandmas, hairstylists, actors, entrepreneurs, social activists, politicians, health care professionals and women from a range of other walks of life. Our ladies are usually in their late 20’s to late 50’s but we have customers who are teens and others who are seniors! The common thread is always that they are up to living life fully and want to express their inner joy and vibrancy through fashion. And we’re here to provide the wardrobe to do just that!

So what exactly happens during a Perfect Fit Wardrobe Makeover?

  • We start with an online survey to understand your fashion goals and lifestyle.  For example, we’re not going to sell you pencil skirts and high heels if you need to move, climb and bend for your job.
  • We may follow up with a phone consultation to find out more.
  • We book an appointment with you for one on one service and we preselect pieces to suggest, so it’s easy for you when you walk in.
  • You can also bring items from home that you want to get more use out of and we plan outfits around those pieces and suggest new accessories to provide new looks.
  • And we educate you on what styles you should look for and choose going forward and why.
  • We provide photos and follow up if you like, so you remember what you learned and can get ongoing coaching about fashion.

Our commitment is that you feel great and experience a new level of confidence and inspiration after a Perfect Fit Makeover AND that you build a wardrobe full of pieces you love!


Real women looking really great in outfits from Fresh Collective! We specialize in the outfits that you’ll love, that will last for years and that have you ready and out the door to live life in no time flat. Our ladies do not have time to primp and plan elaborate outfits. They have lives to live! Our outfits take you from point A to point Z in comfort and style throughout your busy day.

You can count on our Fresh Collective Style Coaches to really get what you’re out to accomplish with fashion, focus on how you feel in the outfits they suggest and never push you to buy something you don’t love.  We work to find the things you DO love, so the sales come easily.

And every Perfect Fit Makeover is free and no obligation.  If you don’t find items to love that day, you get the same gracious and extraordinary service as if you bought out half the store.  We are focused on YOU feeling wonderful as our priority, and not our sales goals.

And shhhhh….. don’t tell our competitors, but that’s our secret to success as a business.

Ready to book your Perfect Fit Makeover?  Click here!
We can’t wait to help you look and feel your best!


Laura-Jean’s Holiday Love Letter

love letter copy copyEvery year around the holiday season, we hear a lot of women guiltily saying, “I should be buying for other people, but …” as they browse and buy for themselves.

I always joke around and say things like, “You can’t give to others unless you first give to yourself!“. This year, I started looking at this phenomenon a little more seriously.  What is it about women that we feel so guilty about doing nice things for ourselves?  So many of us, whether we’re moms, sisters, daughters, wives, friends or partners give and give all year round.

I’m thinking of my friend Sarah who contributes to her community in so many ways. She plans and runs events at our sons’ school, is on the Parent Council, does fundraising and organizes fun events for us all when we get together.  She’s also the one you can always count on for a thoughtful gesture, a hug or a glass of wine just when you need it.  She’s everyone’s emergency babysitter.  And she does it all with a smile.  She just gives and gives all year long to everyone who knows her.  Her friends, family and community are all so lucky to have her.

Then, there is my friend Jaclyn who can always be counted on for all kinds of amazing things.  When a bunch of her friends who didn’t know each other were pregnant or had babies around the same time, she started a monthly “Mommy Meet” group – even though she has no kids!  While we got to know each other and talked about the perils of maternity pants and diapers, Jaclyn loved every minute of it because she’s just so into her friends and bringing people together.  Seven years later, we’re still all good friends, celebrating birthdays and milestones and even though Jaclyn has moved out of the country, she makes the effort to visit often and stay in touch.  She also makes jam, hosts bike repair workshops and makes quilts for anyone she knows who has a baby.

I have many women like this in my life.  I’m sure you do too, and I’m sure you’re one of them – giving for the pure joy of giving all year round.

So, now, and I’m going to get tough here:  Don’t you go walking around feeling GUILTY about giving to yourself!  You go out and buy yourself whatever lovely treats you want this year!  You ask the people in your life for what you really want!

Think about all those great women in your life who keep your family running smoothly, who help take care of your kids, who contribute to your communities and who just make your life better and more fun by being in it.  Maybe they could use something nice this year too?

Now, of course, to make it easy, we have a great selection of presents at Fresh Collective. We have earrings, necklaces, nail polish sets and tights, all under $25.00, and we have our favourite gift, The Best Gift Ever.

The Best Gift Ever is a Fresh Collective Premium Wardrobe Makeover Service with a gift certificate amount between $250 and $1000. This means you or your favourite person gets a two hour consultation with our style staff, and the biggest and best gift of all, everything they want! Based on their body type, style, life, and work, we work with the recipient to have them look as stunning as they are. Our Best Gift Ever is perfect for the hard-to-buy-for person on your list. It’s The Best Gift Ever to request for yourself too – It means you don’t get a frumpy sweater from some chain store that everyone else has; you get YOUR LOOK. Picked just for you with the help of our Style Staff.

How awesome would it be this holiday season to have everything you want? How rewarding would it be for you to give someone on your list this holiday season, everything they could ever want, and might not know to ask for?

You can pick this gift up at any one of our three stores now. We love The Best Gift Ever and we hope you will too! Check out our Wardrobe Makeover Page for all the details on our Premium Wardrobe Makeover, which comes with The Best Gift Ever gift certificate.


Love Letter from Laura-Jean


Editor’s Note: Read through to the end to find Laura-Jean’s giveaway for a complimentary Wardrobe Makeover!

Helping a customer during a Wardrobe Makeover last week, I saw a transformation happen before my eyes.

She came in looking like a 23 year old hipster.  Lovely, fun and awesome, but not necessarily someone you would trust with a $100,000 marketing budget or assume she could ensure a staff of 7 would get a project done on time.

A couple hours of her trying different looks in the change room and I saw her differently.  This cool and colourful young woman started to look to me like an Art Director with a capital A, a Marketing Manager or a Filmmaker who could make the film, on time, on budget AND accept an award for top grossing independent documentary.

It was a TOTAL transformation in who she seemed to be, and all this was in line with the career she wanted to create over the next few years.

I’ve built Fresh Collective over these years to provide women in Toronto a place to find the outfits that allow them to project the best version of themselves.  Like it or not, fashion is a language.  It’s like hanging a sign around your neck telling the world who you are.  When we think of it that way, what does your sign say? Is there something you’d rather it to be saying?

When we do a Wardrobe Makeover, we start with a Style Profile.  You fill out a quick survey that tells us about what your style preference is, what you want it to be, and what your lifestyle is like.  We specialize in awesome looks for real life. We know how to create looks that work for you and work with you.

We set an appointment to work with one of our Style Coaches who pre selects looks based on your style profile. All the browsing is done for you to make it easy and simple for you to find whatever you’re looking for. When you show up for you appointment, the fun begins.

Many women book a Wardrobe Makeover when their life is changing, but it can be done anytime, and the holiday season is a perfect time for women to use the service to find the perfect holiday wear.  One of the biggest advantages is learning what works and doesn’t, and having an experienced professional help you build a wardrobe that all works together.  Too many women experience that old cliche: “A closet full of nothing to wear.”

We help you make smart choices, choosing versatile pieces that work together, fit and are comfortable so you have fun creating new outfits and getting a lot of wear out of each piece.  We also help you stay focused on dressing for that life you are creating!

You’re newly dating and you want romance?  Dresses, fun and colour are what we’ll steer you towards!  The Wardrobe Makeover is time set aside for you to experiment with this new language of fashion and watch yourself transform in the mirror.  Women often surprise themselves, saying things like “I didn’t think I could wear this colour!” or “I usually wouldn’t try something this bold but I LOVE IT!”

Want to jump start your career?  A polished yet creative look positions you as a leader, a problem solver and someone who can be trusted to get things done.  We’ll choose the pieces to help send that message out into the world, everywhere you go.

Think it’s too expensive to build a fantastic wardrobe?  Take a look at your closet and add up how much you’ve spent on clothes you didn’t like, never fit right or didn’t go with anything.  We’re committed to wardrobe building- choosing quality pieces you love that you’ll wear for years to come.

Worried it’s too much work to look good?  I am the laziest dresser out there.  I have NO time to spend on primping and fussing.  I throw on a dress, a cardigan, a bracelet and boots and fly out the door.  With a son, 3 dogs, 2 businesses and taking classes in the evenings, I’m just like so many of our customers.  Each season our store staff take on making my life easy by putting together the perfect looks for me to get ready in a second.

If you’re in the market for the perfect holiday dress, or maybe the perfect wardrobe to kick off your career in 2014, I’ve included our style profile form for you to complete. We’ll pick three lucky ladies who have completed this form, to participate in a complimentary wardrobe makeover at any of our stores. We’ll notify the winners by November 30th.

If this sounds like something you want for yourself, please fill out the style profile and let’s get to work!


Fresh Collective Spring: Pinup Style

A couple of weeks ago we had some of our friends over to Fresh Collective HQ for a some photos and fun. The gals had a blast posing in some of our stunning spring arrivals!

Here are some of the stunning results (find more on the Fresh Collective Facebook page)!

ef 01Emilia Farrace of Simply Elaborate Creative Agency in a bold patterned dress from Michelle Carey (paired with Hush Puppies peep-toes and jewellery from Curious Oddities)


kb 01Our gorgeous web designer Kathryn looks super cute in this Michelle Carey party dress (paired with Hush Puppies)

ks 01Kat Shura, the brains (and beauty) behind jewellery line Curious Oddities let out her inner bombshell in this Brenda Beddome dress.

lj 01

Of course it wouldn’t be a pinup shoot without our fearless leader Laura-Jean, who struck a perfect pose in this Annie 50 dress (paired with shoes from Hush Puppies and jewellery from Curious Oddities).

All of these great spring looks are available at Fresh Collective NOW! Swing by and snag your perfect spring wardrobe !

FRESH AWARDS: Voting now open!

fresh nominees

Over the past week I’ve been so happy to receive nominations and learn about some incredible, incredible women.

These 6 ladies have been nominated by some very special friends; friends who want the world to see how amazing the women in their life are! Help us celebrate these women (and all great women in our lives) by clicking the photo above, LIKING the Fresh Collective Facebook page and LIKING the photo of the woman of your choice in the nominee photo album (and yes, you can like each and every one of them).

I also invite you to take time today to acknowledge the special women in your life that inspire you every day. At Fresh Collective we are so committed to celebrating the beauty, courage and strength of real women all over the world. It starts with you and me!

That said I’d like to take the time to acknowledge my sister, Katie. She’s always been my “little” sister as she’s 6 years younger than me, but I’ve recently realized that there is nothing “little” about her. She’s an amazing young woman with a big heart and an amazing dream.


Last summer, Katie’s beloved dog Miya went missing, and even this many months later she has NOT given up her search for her pup. She has campaigned and hunted and raised awareness since day one, without faltering.
Even more amazing? The dog in the photo above is not Miya. This is Nala. Katie got a call that there was a boxer in a shelter that could be Miya. When she went to see if it was her, she met Nala instead, and she adopted her – not able to leave this sweet pup behind. Even still with this new love in her life, she continues her search for Miya, and is working on creating a business to help reunite loving owners with their missing dogs so no one else has to go through the heartbreak she’s experienced.
My sister is a hero, and I’m so proud to have her in my life.
Please click the photo below to like Katie’s page for Miya and share the search with us.