Style Profile – Terri-Leigh Holbeche

In the fifth edition of our Style Profile series, our very own Terri-Leigh, Style Coach at Fresh Collective Kensington, shares what she does in her “off” hours, her derby lifestyle, and her love of fashion, while featuring some of our fabulous outfits in real life.

Style Profile

Name: Terri-Leigh Holbeche

Occupation: Style Coach at Fresh Collective Kensington

Age: 31

Lifestyle: 9 to 9 and back again!

Top: Queen wrap top by Address Apparel. Regular price, $80 now 40% off, so only $48.00!  Skirt: Mandala Design Selma Static Pencil Skirt. Regular price, $68 with 40% off it's now $40.80! Boots: Miz Mooz October Boot.  Regular price, $170 now just $85.  Necklace: Burfurtart from The Simples Collection $38.

Top: Queen wrap top by Address Apparel. Regular price, $80.00 now 40% off, so only $48.00!
Skirt: Selma Static Pencil Skirt by Mandala Design. Regular price, $68.00 with 40% off it’s now $40.80!
Boots: October Boot by Miz Mooz. Regular price, $170.00 now just $85.00.
Necklace: The Simples Collection by BurfurtART $38.00


What’s a typical day like for you?

Full of planning! I have to look at the start of my day at Fresh Collective and where I might be going afterward whether it’s karaoke, trivia club or on a date. Typically, with just one outfit, some accessory options take me easily throughout the day and evening. I’m on the go from sun up to sun down and I love it!


What in your life is really important to you?

Family – and friends; especially the ones that are more like family now – are most important to me.  I want to make sure everyone I love gets to have time together. It’s a great recharge for me; an energy boost.

Dress: Andy Drape Dress in Emerald by Rita DiCesare. Regular price, $169 now 40% off makes it only $101.40.Necklace and Braclet: Burfurtart - Past season

Dress: Andy Drape Dress in Emerald by Rita DiCesare. Regular price, $169.00 now 40% off makes it only $101.40.
Necklace: Burfurtart – Ch-Ch-Chains collection – Past season


What would you like to be remembered for?

I don’t know if I’d want to have a lasting legacy, but I do want to be remembered for the happiness I bring to the people around me. A smile and wave can do a lot for the heart!


What role does fashion play in your life?

Fashion is part of me. I find it in everything I do. How am I presenting myself as a Style Coach at Fresh Collective? How am I presenting myself as an authority on the flat-track? (I’m a Roller Derby Official.) It is how I carry myself when I walk out the door to coming home at night.

TL - holly dress

Dress: Holly Dress by Kabuki. Regular price, $179.00 now with 40% off makes it only $107.40.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?

Supporting our designers is a major reason why I love Fresh Collective. I know I can be out in a crowd and noticed for the unique and intelligent design of the pieces I am wearing, because our designers take so much care in making these decisions. And, I love that I can chat up our shop to everyone I meet!


What do you have that you want to promote? 

I am a Roller Derby Official and my league, Hammer City Roller Girls, is entering into their 9th season. Our Season Opener is May 3rd.  We come from all walks of life (just like our fabulous customers!). I want to celebrate in the fact that we are all different shapes, sizes, ages but everyone is an amazing human being, capable of truly captivating things!


Is there anything else we should know about you?

I have a penchant for high-waisted undies that show off my curves, I can be found singing at karaoke weekly, and I like to dance to  great tunes from the 50s & 60s (and a little Wilson Phillips too).




Style Profile – Carrianne Leung

Our Style Profile series is where we feature some of our fabulous outfits in real life, on real women. In the third edition of our style profile series, Carrieanne lets us in on her life, her thoughts on style, and how she rocks her favourite Fresh Collective pieces.

Style Profile

Name: Carrianne Leung

Occupation: Academic, Student Support Services, Business Owner, Writer, Mother.

Age: in the wilds of the mid-40s

Lifestyle: fast mo/slow mo/fast mo/slow….


Carrianne 1-1

Carrianne is wearing The Andy Dress by Rita DiCesare, Now $96.00; Amelia Boots by Miz Mooz, $160.80; Necklace by Curious Oddities, now $35.20!


What’s a typical day like for you?

If I can get my kid and myself out the door in time, both of us clean, dressed, fed and with lunch in hand by 8:45 AM, then the hardest part of the day is over.

What in your life is really important to you?

My family.

Social justice.


Laughing so hard until I double over and my stomach hurts.

What would you like to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for being generous – with time, spirit, love and friendship (even money when I have it!)

What role does fashion play in your life?

I have always loved fashion. I grew up in the 80s with the likes of Cyndi Lauper as a style influence, so I appreciate a particular whimsy in clothes. I was also a Goth for 5 minutes in the 90s and will always have a love for the melancholic fashion statement. In other words, I have range.

Carrianne 2-1

Beaconsfield dress Address Apparel, now $90.00, Amelia Boots now $160.80

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? 

Where do I start? I am sure that at least half of my wardrobe comes from Fresh Collective designers. Being a 40 something woman who must juggle multiple roles – I work at OCAD university, I co-own an organic grocery store, I have a 6-year old kid, I just got a novel published and will be doing many readings – I need clothes that can fit all these scenes. The pieces that I get from Fresh are able to do that for me.  I love the colour, the prints, the amazing cuts and shapes of the clothes and how well they are made.  They are also classic in an unconventional sense – they outlast the other 5-minute trends in fashion and still come off as very current years after purchase. I also love that they are made and designed in Canada.

What else do you have going on in your life?

I just launched my first novel. It’s called, “The Wondrous Woo“, and can be found on bookshelves at your local book store as well as Amazon.

I also have an organic grocery called Multiple Organics on Dundas West. We are “fresh” too!


Carrianne 3-1

Mandala Design Snake Print Slit Neck Dress in Turquoise now $76.80, Amelia Boots now $160.80


Love Letter from Laura-Jean: A Summer of Having it All

love letter copy copy

This summer I’m taking on a new challenge in having it all.  My son Dexter is going into Grade 2 in the fall and he wanted to have a free and easy summer with no camps or babysitter.  He has the whole rest of his life to adhere to schedules and get places on time, so I’m going to do my best to make this work for him.

Part of the reason I wanted to have my own business back in 1994 was to have the flexibility to spend time with kids when I had them. 19 years later, I have one almost seven year-old kid and a solid schedule of meetings, planning, documents to complete, 71 emails in my inbox and reports to compile… and I have this blog post to complete which has been on my list for six days now!


So here’s what I’m doing today; I grabbed a sheet to sit on, my cell phone, my laptop and Dexter and I headed to the park.  He’s practicing riding his bike and I am set up in the shade to write about wearing Fresh Collective clothing for all your summer outdoor activities.  How perfect could that be for what I’m up to today?!  I’m out at a park, writing a blog post for work, while my son plays and I’m wearing the Andrea Drape Dress from Rita Di Cesare, comfortable and casual “Chaste Skimmer” Hush Puppies flats and earrings from iMonique.


Two sentences into this post, we had a slight hitch in the plan as the daycare kids came outside and needed a place to do their parachute play.  No problem!  I grabbed my office (my sheet), my purse and laptop, slipped on my Hush Puppies and Dex and I relocated.


Tonight we’re having friends over to our backyard.  This outfit will do just fine for that too, and for the bike trip to the wine store and grocery store I’ll need to do after this to prepare.PhotoGrid_1372796679364

I bet as you’re reading this you’re thinking “Your life doesn’t sound much different than mine – you’re here and there, juggling work, fun and family.”  IT’S TRUE! I’m A Fresh Collective customer, so we have a lot in common (hey, what a surprise!) and we both live full lives, really pursuing having it ALL in life.

Today I had a dream day.  A morning at my office with my team, an afternoon working and seeing my son master bike riding skills, errands and then tonight, hanging with friends… And, I did it all looking pretty darn awesome and polished, head to toe in product from our shops.


I love that our shops can help outfit you for your dream days this summer and beyond.  Our dresses are there when you’re dating or working; starting a new career or closing a chapter.  Today I had it all – I really had it all – and as I put off this blog post just another few minutes to run alongside Dex on his bike encouraging him as he was still wobbly and just starting to gain confidence, I just really felt grateful and happy to have this summer to enjoy with him.

Our #FRESH10 Contest Winner

fresh10 winner


Just two weeks ago we announced the winner to our #FRESH10 Contest – a contest celebrating our 10 year anniversary and giving one lucky FC fan the chance to win a 10-piece wardrobe!

We were overwhelmed with the entries – hundreds of tweets, likes and lovely top ten lists came flooding our way and we were genuinely moved by it all!

Photo: Our lucky #FRESH10 winner Carley grabbed over $1000 of goodies today! CONGRATS! @someonecallacab

Meet Carley – our fabulous #FRESH10 winner. We had a blast shopping with her this Saturday.

photo 5
Carley was on the hunt for a nice skirt to fill out her wardrobe. She didn’t have to look far. The minute she spotted this fun print, she was head over heels! (LENA skirt from Mandala Design – $88)

photo 5 (2)
This sassy tank was a must-have! (Cancan Tunic from Kollontai – $152)

photo 4
Our newest Queen Street gal Ana, was excited to have a twin when Carley tried on this best-seller from Rita Di Cesare – they couldn’t help but snap a picture together! (Christina Tank Dress from Rita Di Cesare – $159)

photo 4 (2)
There was a bit of a squeal of delight when I pulled out the domino pieces Tara of Odd Bird Design had dropped off!

photo 3
 believe “YES PLEASE!” was all Carley said when she saw this gorgeous 100% silk creation from Monikova. The LAST one of its kind! Lucky steal!

photo 2
This cozy cardigan from Paper People clothing looks great with Carley’s colouring and will be the perfect transitional piece for fall! (Rosemary Cardigan from Paper People Clothing $139)

photo (31)
A pair of earrings and a necklace from Curious Oddities definitely had us all swooning a little…

photo 2 (2)
Carley received a voucher to grab a pair of Hush Puppies online, but she had to try on what we had in-store and fell for these coral pumps! (Sanguin Pumps from Hush Puppies – $120)

photo 1
Not only did she get a cute pair of Candi Factory undies for herself, but she got to treat her lucky boyfriend to a pair as well! (Candi Factory underpants – men’s $32, women’s $22)

photo 1 (2)
We adored this bold piece with a belted sash from Studio Fresh – looked great with her jeans, but can you imagine it with a pencil skirt in a classic black or a bold colour? Va va voom! (Vestie w/Sash from Studio Fresh – $120)

It was a pleasure spending the afternoon with Carley – she was an absolute doll and we can’t wait for updates on what she’s up to in her new Fresh Collective wardrobe!



FRESH GUEST: Fun with Fashion Takes Action

Last week our Marketing Manager, Jenna and our fearless leader Laura-Jean had a fun night out on the town celebrating local fashion. Below is a guest blog post from Jenna sharing all the night’s adventures and discoveries… Read on!

Last Wednesday, Laura-Jean and I went to Fashion Takes Action’s Connect Beauty event and had a spectacular time! Our friend Kelly Drennan was hosting her annual fundraiser to support both Fashion Takes Action and the WHEN Network.

photo 1_1

 We were excited to walk to the venue, but the darn weather wouldn’t cooperate so Laura-Jean picked me up in the Fresh Mobile at 6:45pm. I knew it was going to be a great night as when I walked out the door of the office. LJ looked at me with her jaw dropped and said “Wow! I only put my hair in a pony tail”! HA! I had done a pin up style do to match my adorable Michelle Carey polka dot Amy Dress ($175)!

Hair in a pony tail or not, LJ also looked fabulous – she was wearing Brenda Beddome’s colourful side-draped dress ($182) .

photo 3

Of course the minute we were ready to hit the road, the car alarm started going off. There we were, outside of our offices, in a branded car, scrambling to figure out how to turn off the car alarm. We couldn’t stop laughing, and were actually hoping it would happen again when we got to the event so we could really make a grand entrance.
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What to Wear Wednesday – A Day For Mom

What to Wear Wednesday - A Day for Mom

What to Wear Wednesday – A Day for Mom by freshcollective

Whether you’re the Mom being celebrated or you’re spending time with yours, this outfit is sure to have you feeling and looking wonderful! The Rita Di Cesare dress is made from a soft jersey that just floats off the figure. Pair it with this fun pair of Miz Mooz pumps and a complimentary statement necklace from Sugar Rush‘s Summer Romance collection and enjoy this beautiful weekend!