Project Do Better! In Support of Plan Canada’s The Mom Shop

We’re so proud of our new partnership with Plan Canada supporting The Mom Shop!

The Mom Shop supports women around the world in developing countries as they build their own businesses.  Through this initiative, Plan Canada provide micro-loans, training and other support for the women to have their own self-sustaining businesses.


Our lovely Vanessa shows off three of the many styles. We have an assortment of solid coloured ones and fun prints like the bikes and horses shown above. These are all $29.


So where does Fresh Collective come in?  Well, every time you buy one of these fabulous scarves, we donate $2 to the Mom Shop.  You get great accessories that help you get more mileage out of your wardrobe and feel great about supporting entrepreneurial women around the world.


Here Vanessa shows the “Cats with Glasses” print and “Owls”. These prints are both available in several colours and at just $19, you’ll want to stock up and get several.

Do better poster

This is a copy of the poster we have in all the stores to tell people about this program.