Style Profile – Jane

Our Style Profile series is where we feature some of our fabulous outfits in real life, on real women. In the fourth edition of our style profile series, our Regional Manager Jane, shows us what she’s up to on and off hours with Fresh Collective!

Style Profile

Name: Jane Haselgrove
Occupation: Regional Manager at Fresh Collective and Independent Consultant for Arbonne (you can order from her directly too! using the code 116072618)
Age: 28
Lifestyle: always on the go!
Jane Haselgrove - Regional Manager for Fresh Collective and Independent Consultant for Arbonne.

Jane Haselgrove – Regional Manager for Fresh Collective and Independent Consultant for Arbonne.

What’s a typical day like for you?
A typical day looks like working at Fresh Collective all day from 11-7pm.  From there I either go out and work on my other business hosting parties, going to meetings or meeting with people for a drink. Three nights a week I also go Bouldering after work. It’s kind of like rock climbing but there are no ropes!
What in your life is really important to you?
Balance is very important to  me. I love to be busy doing things I love but I also don’t like to be controlled by my schedule. Scheduling my life so that it works for me is very important to staying positive and happy even when things don’t work out the way I planned.
Wrap top: Melow. Skirt: Bionic (Both past seasons), Tights: Bootights $48, Shoes: Lonna Shooties now $82.20

Wrap top: Melow. Skirt: Bionic (aka Address Apparel) (Both past seasons), Tights: Bootights $48, Shoes: Lonna Shooties by Hush Puppies now $82.20

What would you like to be remembered for?
Revolutionizing the indie fashion world!  I LOVE what I do at Fresh Collective. If I am remembered for being part of an institution that has made thriving careers for designers and stylists in Toronto and perhaps, world wide, my life would be well spent.
What role does fashion play in your life?
In the last two years I have really  embraced that I am a Fashion Professional. Style and fashion is my career and I love that I get to embrace self-expression through fashion every day. In other words, it plays a VITAL role in my daily life and my identity.
Calamity Jane Annie 50, $ 179; Ch-Ch-Chains necklace, Burfurtart, $45

Dress: Calamity Jane by Annie 50 $179.00; Necklace: Ch-Ch-Chains by Burfurtart $45.00

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?
Many years ago I used  to be a designer myself. I get what it takes to do what our designers do. I love shopping at Fresh Collective because I get great, unique clothing (I love compliments on my outfits) and I love to support the careers of local designers.
What do you have that you want to promote? 
I would love to share that I am an all around Fashion and Style Professional. I can help you with your personal image from clothing to makeup because I also have another business I do on the side called Arbonne.
Is there anything else we should know about you?
I am under 5 ft tall; I am a boulderer; I am eloping this summer somewhere in Europe; I have worked at Fresh Collective for three years.
Dress: Resort Dress by Diane Kroe $250.00. Necklace: (worn as a bracelet) Curious Oddities $45.00.

Dress: Resort Dress by Diane Kroe $250.00. Necklace: (worn as a bracelet) Curious Oddities $45.00.

Style Profile – Melanie

Our Style Profile series is where we feature some of our fabulous outfits in real life, on real women. In the second edition of our style profile series, Melanie lets us in on her life, her thoughts on style, and how she rocks her favourite Fresh Collective pieces.

Style Profile

Name: Melanie
Occupation: Educational Developer
Age: Old enough to know what I want
Lifestyle: Never a dull moment

Melanie 1

Melanie is wearing the Carlaw Dress by Address Apparel: Now at 40% off it’s $78 (normally $130!) The cute shoes featured in all the images are Melanie’s own!

Typical day: Flies by quick, except on weekends 🙂

What in your life is important to you: Family, every member of it, and including friends who are pseudo family.

What would you like to be remembered for: Being there for people when they need me.

Melanie 2

Dory Dot Dress by Mandala Design; Now at 20% off it’s $110.40 (regular price was $138)

What role does fashion play in your life: It’s a part of my personality.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective: The clothes of course! The people who work there are also lovely.

Melanie 3

Stella Sweater Dress by Paper People Clothing; regular price was $169, now at 40% off it’s $101.40!

Style Profile – Laura-Jean Bernhardson

Our Style Profile series is where we feature some of our fabulous outfits in real life, on real women. In the first of our style profile series, our CEO Laura-Jean talks about what she wore to a Rock’n’Roll show at Lee’s Palace.

Style Profile

What to wear: Rock’n’roll show at Lee’s Palace

My husband, Steve Singh, worked with Brendan Canning for about 2 years on his new album You Gots 2 Chill (my favourite album title of all time!) and finally it’s done and the tour has started.  Steve is a music producer and all around musical genius.  The only instrument he can’t play is cello.  He also plays with Ron Hawkins in the Do Good Assassins as well as with several other partners on various projects.  Ok, like he is just awesome.

Their big kick off gig was at Lee’s Palace, and I had to deal with the what to wear dilemma.  I texted Joe, the leader at at Fresh Collective Roncesvalles, and said I needed a dress for a rock show and I’d be there in half an hour.

When I got there, I was skeptical when he pulled out the striped tunic from Studio Fresh, but he insisted, “It’s rock ‘n’ roll!”  and showed the jewellery he had selected – two bracelets from Burfurtart’s Ch-ch-chains collection and rings from Curious Oddities.

Yeah, ok, I got it.  Joe got me out of my pretty dress comfort zone and got me thinking like an “I’m with the band” babe.


The outfit:  A-Symetry Tunic by Studio Fresh; $159; Look at me Spanx leggings, $80, Curious Oddities rings, $25, BurfurtART Ch-Ch-Ch-Chains bracelets, $65 each, Amelia boots, $268.

All available at Fresh Collective.

What I loved about this outfit, aside from how great, effortless and cool it looked, was the versatility.  I could wear the tunic to work, with a pencil skirt, with skinny jeans, belted or not.  Both bracelets convert into necklaces with an extender.  Each piece I got will be a great long term building block of my wardrobe.

I did dark red nails and lipstick, a messy ponytail and black eyeliner on top only.  Easy.

PhotoGrid_1384709308004-1Since my husband was on stage, I needed a date or two.  I called up my wogging partner/ex-boyfriend from 1993/ current lawyer, David Shiller, and my business partner at my other business (Rowanwood Daycare), Annie Chan, and we prepared to party the night away.

Oh, what’s wogging you ask?  It’s something I invented which is half-walking, half jogging and I force David to do it with me in the wee hours of the morning.  He grumbles and whines but I think he secretly loves it.

And, oh, ok, enough about me.  What was the show like?  Freakin’ awesome!  The band rocked!  Special guest stars galore!  I hung out backstage and got free beer!  I danced!  I stayed out past 2 am!

I saw old pals like Kevin Drew (who introduced me to my husband in 1998 – thanks Kev!) and Ron Hawkins as well as met new friends like the other-worldly voiced guest singer Daniela Gesundheit from Snowblink and the amazing Lisa Lobsinger.

This band is incredible.  Buy the album.  Go see the shows.  Check out all my pics from the show!  This is the future of music.




She’s Got Style : Fall TV : Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 : Krysten Ritter

She's Got Style: Krysten Ritter
I only recently discovered it, but Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 has quickly jumped on to my must-watch list. The classic beauty Krysten Ritter plays Chloe, a glamorous, self-centered New York City gal who takes delight in traumatizing her small-town roommate June.
Ritter was more known as an indie actress with several guest star TV and small film roles, until Don’t Trust the B set her on the course to bask in a bigger spotlight.
With striking features and porcelain skin, this star mixes classic feminine pieces (polka-dot dresses, A-line skirts) with modern edgy items (printed tunics, leather jackets, combat  boots) to create a sweet but sexy pin-up meets NYC style all her own!
Beauty regime: liquid-liner cat eyes and a berry lip stain are her standard. Of course, a healthy dose of SPF to keep her milky skin glowing!
Hair: Sleek and stylish with Bettie Page bangs. On a casual day? A flirty pony tail or a simple top-knot.
She's Got Style : Fall TV : Krysten Ritter

Outfit 1: Blazer – Brenda Beddome (buy online), Earrings: Apa Designs, Jeans: Yoga Jeans in Merlot
Outfit 2: Dress – Michelle Carey (buy online), Earrings – Odd Bird, Shoes – Hush Puppies
Outfit 3: Tunic – Brenda Beddome, Leggings – Melow, Boots – Hush Puppies

Season 2 of Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 premieres next Monday, October 22nd on City TV

She’s Got Style: Fall TV : Parenthood’s Lauren Graham

She's Got Style: Lauren Graham

If I wasn’t already excited enough about fall fashion, here comes fall television season! Old favourites returning, new shows and characters to fall in love with… oh the excitement!

Everyone takes a fashion cue or two from celebrities, so I thought why not tie in fall television to fall fashion and do a bit of a fashion profile on some of the starlets of the season!

In my opinion, one of the BEST shows on television, NBC’s Parenthood (on Global in Canada) finally returned from hiatus last week. I got a chance to watch the premiere episode last night and as always, it left me in tears (I’m a big sap, what can I say?). Now the cast is full of incredible stars, but I have a huge soft spot for TV’s coolest mom, Lauren Graham who plays the quirky Sarah Braverman. Not far off from her beloved role of Loralei Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, Graham plays a single mother with an irresponsible past, trying to get her life together with the help of her huge family of loveable kooks.

I’ve always admired Grahams style. She tends to wear comfortable, basic pieces with a bit of a bohemian flair, while adding just the right amount of rock and roll edge. She’ll pair a pretty, feminine dress with some knee-high leather boots, or add a biker jacket over basic jeans and a jersey top. A touch of sparkle with some statement jewellery, a nude lip and a simple eye are the finishing touches to this easy-to-master look!

She's Got Style: Lauren Graham Fashion

Leather Jacket Mango
Slouch Boots Miz Mooz
Blue Tie Top Mandala (buy now!)
Black Skinnies Yoga Jeans
Necklace Sugar Rush
Earrings Odd Bird
Button Boots Miz Mooz
Dress Mandala (buy now!)

Which fall premieres are you most excited about? Who would you like to see profiled next? Sound off in the comments below or Tweet at us!