Style Profile : Gayle Dress!

Each week on our Style Profile we feature a different woman from our community wearing outfits from our stores.  Let’s revisit some of these awesome women who are up to big things in the world!  Here we’re featuring three fabulous ladies showing off three versions of the best-selling Gayle Dress by Mandala Design.

galye dress 3

Suha Jethala is the Residential Sales and Marketing Manager for Bullfrog Power, so she is saving the environment every day by signing up more people for sustainable green energy for their homes!  Suha, you ROCK!  See more about Suha and Bullfrog Power here: BLOG


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Pink candy floral, pink kitsch floral, pink stripe, and orange wavy maze.

Gayle Dress 1

Samantha Hurwitz is all about empowering others through leadership skills.  With her company Flipskills and her book Leadership is Half the Story: A Fresh Look at Followership, Leadership and Collaboration, Samantha is creating a future of leaders and team players who get things done!  See more about Samantha here: BLOG.

gayle dress 2

Brina Ludwig Prout is a Baby Boomer, and member of the generation that’s going to change the face of “empty-nesting” and “retirement” forever.  She is passionate about intergenerational collaboration being key to improving the world. “Younger generations will ultimately lead us through this time of change in the world and we should use our skills, wisdom, and lived experience to guide and mentor them” says Brina.  Read more about her and her work with the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Ontario here:  BLOG

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Pink candy floral, pink kitsch floral, pink stripe, and orange wavy maze.