The Swagger Coach: Get Outside!

swagger coach


There are a million zillion reasons to love the summertime. Between having a slightly higher chance of spotting Ryan Gosling gallivanting around without a shirt on (well, higher than they would be in the winter) and the fact that you can put the car windows down, blast “Summergirls” by LFO and bask in the warm wind as you drive, the season is a great one and it’s almost/kinda already here. Mother Nature may be toying with our emotions with these cooler, cloudier days, my friends, but make no mistake. Its right around the bend, and it will be deee-lightful. I’ve compiled a short but mighty list of reasons why summer is the bomb-diggity, and I’ve realized in doing so, that many of them are both healthy and fun. Hmmm, health, fun. Connection? Being healthy is lots of fun? You decide.