The Swagger Coach – Nesting: An Organizational Tale

swagger coach

If I have one addiction, it’s shopping. I’m a sucker for fun fashion, expressive pieces, cool textures and playful colours. I have a lot of fun dressing myself, and I am lucky to have a partner who indulges me by allowing me to act as his own personal style consultant. I love playing dress-up so very much that I found myself a job with a great company which allows me to play dress-up all day long, and get paid for it. I think I hit the jackpot.

I’ve always sung the praises of items which can transition your wardrobe from season to season, and finding new ways to wear items which you already own. I love shopping, yes, but I also know that we’re real people with real budgets and real rent and hydro and car bills to pay, so I really emphasize the versatility of certain items which will help you get the best bang for your buck.

Last weekend, I was meandering around my apartment, and I realized that I had lots of everything. This everything has a place, yes, but instead of having one area where I keep, say, hair accessories, I had several. One special spot in almost every room. I also noticed that our black-and-white decor which once seemed modern and cool, had become a bit bland for my tastes. I set out, mentally re-organizing our place, room by room. After only a few hours and a lot of garbage runs, I cleared out our junk, sorted the keepers and tidied everything. I was really impressed with the turnout, so during the week, I treated our place to some new bits and pieces, ranging from fun little art pieces to a whole new TV bench. I have planned a painting party for next weekend which will give our place a fun splash of colour. Today, I’ll be sharing some of the simple tips I used to makeover my apartment, and how to create an oasis out of chaos with little pocket damage and only a few hours of work.



The easiest way to re-do a room? A fresh coat of paint. You can add interest with a focus wall painted in a vibrant hue, or add warmth to white walls with a toasty tan colour. Keep the use of the room in mind too. For example, if you’d like your washroom to take on the feel of a calm, spa-like atmosphere, painting the walls a rubber-ducky yellow may not be the most soothing on the eyes. Similarly, painting your breakfast area a dull shade of blue-grey may cast a lethargic shadow on your day. Colour is directly tied to mood, so consider who will be using the room, and when, and pick accordingly. Also, while fresh matte paint is lovely, it can definitely attract scuffs and smudges, especially in light colours. Picking an eggshell or semi-gloss paint will provide low-maintenance walls for years… or until you decide to redecorate again! I’ve become increasingly smitten with vintage-looking furniture too, and a coat of paint can be distressed with sandpaper or steel wool, creating a romantic, old-world feel for your ho-hum furniture too. Inspired by my black-and-white Miz Mooz Patsy shoes, I’ll be transforming my dove grey walls to bright white, with jet-black trim to make our new seafoam furniture pop! Easy and affordable!




Simple. We use what we like. By investing in organizational items and fixtures, you’ll be far more prone to using them. Forget about the pre-established organizational containers and find your own. Have more necklaces that you’d normally fit into one of those tiny jewellery boxes? (Like I do! I have more Curious Oddities and Sailor Girl jewellery than I know what to do with!) Skip it and find an interesting cork board and fun pushpins and space it out as you need. Loads of purses? Pass on typical purse hangers and opt for S-hooks, hanging them along an easy-to-instal secondary garment rail. Customizable closet organizers are wonderful because they allow you to alter your space to accommodate your needs. That way, you don’t have a gaping space where you’ve hung two long dresses, while the tiny spot for tops is jam-packed. Organizing in a way that works for you is important. If you normally blow-dry your hair in the bedroom, store your dryer and brushes there. If you ONLY read in the living room, placing your bookshelves in the same room will avoid displaced clutter. Do you take your shoes off before you enter the home? Keeping space free for a shoe cabinet will relieve your hallway of old-shoe landmines and streamline your entrance way. Storing things in visually attractive containers will encourage you to sort them more often, and making them easy-access will ensure you get all the use out of the garments and accessories you have.



If you’re like me, you have a lot of little things. Little things which often don’t really have a “right place”. So I will say this once, and I’ll hope that it doesn’t get abused: Having a junk drawer is okay. For the rest of the stuff, even if it IS organized impeccably, any collection of items which is visually accessible can look like clutter. So, rather than storing it away and having to fish for it later, add a barrier to contain the items. For example, having a shelf full of DVDs can take away from colour or themed decor, so placing them inside a cabinet with doors will keep them accessible but out of sight, creating that much more of a neat environment. Rather than having a dozen bottles of perfume scattered across your dresser, place them inside a neat, little, patterned box which matches the theme of the room. I’ve grabbed some cute fabric boxes in patterns similar to our Mandala Design and Annie50 fabrics. Leaving some items free can create a cool effect too, as you’ll read next, but for non-exciting items which have little to no artistic or decor value, keep these guys tucked away so that the focus of the room is on the fun stuff.


To totally contradict what’s written above, we’ll chat about the few times that bunches of “organized chaos” is attractive in a home. Some of our jewellery designers do this when setting up their cases, to make the small space visually dynamic and interesting. Scattering small clusters of colour co-ordinated items (like books, candles, or vintage-looking glass bottles) can create a warm, inviting and interesting vibe for your space. Typical statuettes and photo frames can easily be replaced by quirkier items, which are intended solely for decor. This does not mean that you should crack out your Mum’s old 60s blender and plop it on a side table, but rather display items you truly enjoy and ones which have a story or history behind them, and can act as discussion topics. No one is fascinated with your son’s collection of toy cars, but they do want to hear about the adorable vintage alarm clock which is sitting on your mantel.


Impulse buying happens when a person reacts to a product which they were instantly attracted to. We’re rarely attracted to a neutral, safe curtain, or to a muted throw pillow. If you see something which really grabs your attention, think of how fabulous it’ll look incorporated into your place! Its those instant “wow” moments and the items which inspire them, which are so telling of our style and tastes. For example, our stores always showcase our most vibrant, and exciting items prominently, because we know our customers will love them, and we want to make it easy for you to find what you need. Taking ‘risks;’ on things like coloured rugs, textured vases and oversized clocks can bring about a totally fresh vibe for your home! So, if you’re browsing your favourite home store, and you come across an item which draws your attention, find one in a colour which suits your theme (an accent colour, not a neutral! No cheating!) and bring it home with you! Its those touches of design flare, like a chevron curtain, or a crystal-look chandelier, which give your place character, taste and personality. Go crazy, have fun, and make your space YOURS!

Swagger Coach – I Love People! Paper People, That is…

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Creative minds are rare and magical. This is a fact. They look at a door, and they see a photobooth backdrop. They look at a canvas bag, and imagine it as a pillow cover. They turn skirts into tea cozies and old men’s button-down shirts into girly dresses.

One of the most creative minds I have the pleasure of knowing is Jenn Fukushima, the brilliant artist behind the Paper People Clothing line carried here at Fresh Collective. Not only is Jenn a remarkably cool gal who lives just a hop skip and jump away from my store in Kensington Market, she’s a master of her craft and has been at it for over a decade. She’s worked with well-known Toronto alt-fashion staples like Preloved and Peach Berserk, and has used her experience and love of off-beat fashion to create a line totally unlike anything we’ve seen here at Fresh Collective. Jenn’s stuff is a modern bohemian mosaic of lovely colours and textures, thanks to her passion for reclaimed vintage and upcycled fabrics. Her biggest hits have included a dress which has an adjustable skirt made from layers of beautiful silk scarves and saris, and a hyper-flattering winter dress featuring tone-on-tone geometric blocking, made entirely from cozy pre-owned sweaters.

She’s also the creator of the Adrienne and Joan tops, two of our best-selling tees which fit like a dream and are made from Tencel, a plant-derived fabric. Over the last few seasons, Jenn has seen a lot of success and popularity in her eco-fabric items, which are made from all-new materials, but with the Earth-friendly impact of upcycling.

In another life, Jenn must have been someone’s Fairy Godmother, because she truly has a knack for turning pumpkins into carriages. Well, for turning old, ugly garments into cool, sexy, new ones. She’s pretty magical.

Jenn from Paper People Clothing perched on the wall at Kensington

Jenn at our Kenzie store during the launch party for the Cynthia dress, shown with their full layered skirts swirling in the breeze to the right. Can you spot her perched up on the wall?

Jenn stopped by the Kenzie store this week, and we got a chance to sit down and chat about the cool new things coming up for her much-awaited fall line. Then she gave me the news: the Fall 2013 collection will be her LAST using reclaimed fabrics. Instead, she will focus her collection around using planet-friendly eco-fabrics and ethically sourced materials from around the world. I almost cried. I’ve grown to love the quirky pattern matching and the ability a garment has, to be “reborn” as something totally new.

As we chatted, I began to fully understand the process behind her reclaimed items, and exactly what one finished garment entails; hours of picking, days of sorting and WEEKS of cutting and sewing. Of course, while the reclaimed and vintage fabrics are visually striking, Jenn has created an all-new way of achieving the same effect in her new items, and after seeing sneak peeks of her Spring 2014 line, and getting to feel some of her new fabrics (fresh off the plane from Italy!) I’ve seen the light… And its a brilliant, beautiful, eco-friendly light.

Since this upcoming Fall collection will be her last with reclaimed vintage fabrics, I thought it would be fun to share a blog post from Jenn herself, who chronicled the tales of her line, and explains exactly how she does what she does to give you an inside peek into her colourful, cozy, whimsical world! Check it out, friends! 

Here’s a sneak peak of some fantastic Fall Paper People Clothing designs we’ll have flowing into our stores in the next few weeks!

Fall 2013 Paper People Clothing

Jacqueline Dress $179.00


Fall 2013 Paper People Clothing

Holly Top $79.00

Fall 2013 Paper People Clothing

Denise Sweater $149.00

Fall 2013 Paper People Clothing

Rose Cardigan $169.00

Fall 2013 Paper People Clothing

Yvonne Cardigan $149.00

Fall 2013 Paper People Clothing

Lorraine Cardigan $189.00

Fall 2013 Paper People Clothing

Elaine Vest $159.00

Fall 2013 Paper People Clothing

Maude Blazer $179.00




The Swagger Coach: Come Wandering With Me

swagger coach
I love people-watching. I also love wandering aimlessly. If you combine the two, you get my typical weekend activity, which is wandering around a cool area, taking in the sights and sounds and enjoying what my city has to offer. You guys know that I love my city to bits, but it’s not just for the sake of local loyalty. I truly think my city is a groovy place to be with zillions of cool neighbourhoods and communities to explore! The weather has finally become reasonable (seriously, thirty-six degree weather, what were you thinking?) so I’ll be back to scampering around the city and enjoying every minute of it. I’ve come to be more attached to certain areas than others, possibly due to me being a creature of habit and revisiting some quite often, so I wanted to share my favourite places with you guys this week. If you happen to be there at the same time, say hi!

Toronto Island – 
Getting over there by ferry can be a bittersweet experience. The beautiful breeze, the fresh air and the lovely view can be momentarily soured by the overwhelming shriek of children, and the even more overwhelming shriek of their parents as they beg them not to toss their toys and bottles overboard. That being said, once the ferry docks, a whole new world opens up. They have a charmingly tame amusement park geared towards children, or ride-o-phobes like me. You can perch on the gondola ride as it carries you over the park, pet furry beasts at the petting zoo (watch out for the goats though, they’re not there to make friends), pedal your way along the paths in a manually-powered retro-style golf cart, or sit at one of the many patio restaurants which overlook the ponds and lake. My personal favourite hideaway spot is a bit further into the Island though. If you arrive at the Centerville port, and travel east along the main path you come across a series of small, abandoned beaches with lovely rocks scattered about. A few minutes further, there is a lovely dock which is PERFECT for achieving that cottagey-relaxed vibe without having to pack up the van and haul the crew into the middle of the wilderness. I never see anyone around those beaches, and they’re a lovely and semi-private place which is great for photography, allowing your group to gallop around without being crammed in with the crowd, or even picnic dinners for two as the sun sets. Love!

Fern and I love visiting the beaches here for their beautiful view and secluded beaches. So romantic and pretty!

Kensington Market – 
I’m a bohemian at heart. There will always be a small part of me that wants to toss my phone off a bridge and spend the afternoon banging a tambourine and dancing in the sunshine. Luckily for me, I work in the heart of one of the coolest communities in Toronto. Kensington Market was originally home to refugees, activists, and other social and political rebels who made their homes within this accepting, inclusive community of cool cats. At any given time you can find folks in groups playing music in the park, strangers bonding over vegan cupcakes, and friends poring over old-school vinyls and leather bags from the seventies. The market often smells AMAZING, with the mixture of freshly baked goods and incense dancing up my nose, and the people filling the streets are funky, eclectic and colourful! My parents knew the neighbourhood well – they snuck away from their high school which was just up the street, and dined on the diverse cuisine sold out of independent eateries and trailers, long before I was born! I love spending time in the market, even on my days off, because there is always something to be seen or heard, and new faces to smile at every single day. This neighbourhood is alive and vibrant, and I call it home!

I love my funky, fabulous hood!

Queen Street West – 
This neighbourhood is one which I hope maintains its independence, as it was once known as the hub of up-and-coming fashion and edgy, unique businesses. Over the last few years, quite a few larger corporations have set up shop along the street, but many of the original businesses, and some new fun ones, have made their homes there too. Queen West boasts some of the quirkiest shops, the most progressive salons and the most delicious eateries in the city. The neighbourhood prides itself on the individuality of each and every store, and you can bet you’ll come across some pretty unique things (like Fresh Collective!). Its also a great place to bring your out-of-town friends to, as it truly has something for everyone. I typically walk eastward along Queen west until I hit Nathan Phillips Square, then stop for ice cream and a short bout of people-watching. Its high-energy, high-traffic and high-impact, but its a community unlike any other and it has a lot to be proud of!
Queen St West is such an awesome part of the city. Awesome shopping and sexy, fashionable people everywhere!

What are some of your favourite areas of the city? I’m always looking forward to exploring new places in the city and fun new neighbourhoods! The first three readers to list THEIR top three places to visit will win a complimentary Wardrobe Makeover!

The Swagger Coach: Achieving the Unachievable

swagger coach

In the next few years, I’d like to learn to drive, learn to cook, de-clutter my everything, plan my wedding, and become a big-boss-lady-person for Fresh Collective. That’s a lot to take on, being the chronic procrastinator that I am, and is exhausting to think about on muggy hot days like today, when even putting on pants is a labour. This week at work, our Regional Manager, Jane (hey Jane!) chatted with us management folk about the value of goal-setting, and how to set realistic, productive goals in our lives and for our business. I liked the concept so much, I thought I’d share it with you folks. Perhaps you can find some use in this for yourself. Perhaps you can print it off and leave it for your partner who’s been putting off doing Obscure Chore #346 for seven months now.
So I read over the worksheet Jane left us to play around with, and although the “system” is simple, its commonly overlooked. People tend to go from step one to step four, then step seven, then they realize it’s not going smoothly so they abandon it and start something else. Planning is the key to achieving any goal, and laying out your road map of what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it, will make a big difference in the ease in execution of the task. Today we’re going to learn to set SMART goals. No, they’re not the opposite of dumb goals. SMART goals are goals that follow the S.M.A.R.T. format. What’s this, you ask? Read on, loveys.
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The Swagger Coach: Be the First in the Rat Race

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I started working when I was fourteen. Five days after I turned fourteen, actually. I had been in the audience of a lesson on basic economics late in my eighth grade year, which talked about jobs and income and responsibility. They mentioned that you could claim your first title of employment at the age of fourteen. As an ambitious girl of about-to-turn-fourteen-in-August years old, I was excited to prove my maturity and take on a position of employment. I interviewed the day before my birthday, as the manager laughed that he had never interviewed such a young applicant. He thought I’d have the energy to handle the kids’ birthday parties. I was also under the impression that once I started working, I’d be paid tens of thousands of dollars each week, and that I’d have the willpower to save it and buy at least two cars by the age of sixteen. On a side note, I’m about to turn 26 and I still don’t have a car.

I picked up a part-time gig manning the drive-through window at the fast food place. After a year and a half, I decided that I needed a more prestigious and fashion-forward job. My second job was working at the thrift store down the road, where they sold beautiful leather bags for sinfully cheap prices. After that I worked for (in ascending levels of authority)  a lingerie shop, a children’s boutique, a vegan-friendly hand-made bath-treats shop, a matchmaking agency, an adult shop, a launching wireless phone network, and an international high-end designer accessory chain. I’ve attended, and hosted, some of the most interesting interviews I’d imagine could possibly occur, and have been fortunate in coming across some brilliant talents. Some of our strongest performers are successful at their jobs due to confidence, ability and charisma. Being able to understand your position and perform within it is a great skill which will get you far, but being able to represent and sell yourself will be your greatest asset. During peak hiring seasons (grad time, the holidays, summertime, etc) hundreds – if not thousands – of resumes are passing through hiring managers’ hands and emails, and having a boring resume can actually be worse than having a bad resume.

Designer-Inspired Makeup: a How-To by the Swagger Coach

swagger coach
makeup post july 5
A customer of mine recently asked me to do a blog on makeup. Makeup has always been a rather fun tool in my roster of make-myself-look-cool ammo, and I’m excited to review three simple, fun and fresh ways to match your lovely, lovely face to your lovely, lovely Fresh Collective outfits!

If you’re a makeup lover and a product junkie, this will simply be a review for you to browse. But, if you’re the type of gal who tosses on a coat of Chapstick and runs a comb through your hair, you’ll love these easy-squeezy ways to update your look with a bit of feminine flair!



Inspired By: Yasmine Louis, Things Aren’t So Terrible, Paper People, Studio Fresh
The Vibe: Breezy and low-maintenance
Perfect for: Moms on the go, students who sleep for 3 hours per night, and naturalistas who prefer a minimal product count.
Style Icons: Tina Fey, Rachel McAdams, Kate Hudson
A single coat of waterproof lengthening mascara does wonders for opening up the eyes and bringing attention to those gorgeous peepers! I could not survive without mine, because I have naturally short, white-blonde eyelashes which totally disappear without a coat or two of mascara. I’d advise lengthening over volumizing, which may clump and look odd on an almost-bare face. Add a (generous) dollop of SPF moisturizer and top with a teeny dab of cheek stain which lasts for hours and won’t rub off or get smudgy in the summer humidity. Highlighting the cheeks and the lashes makes the face look more awake, alert, and lively. A dab of blush and a swipe of mascara can undo the effects of a late night or a sluggish morning, and you can bet people will notice how refreshed you look! Focus the mascara on the outside upper row of lashes, and wiggle gently near the base. Also, forget that old rule about applying blush along the cheekbones. To create a genuine-looking faux flush, blend blush where your cheeks naturally flush. Smile big, and blend up and out on the apples of your cheeks, about two-fingers-width away from your nose. Fresh and lively!



Inspired by: Mandala Design, Rita De Cesare, Desserts and Skirts, Michelle Carey
The Vibe: Playful and retro
Perfect for: The creative professional, the office quirky-girls, and the gals who like to play with colour.
Style Icons: Greta Gerwig, Zooey Deschanel, Christina Hendricks
There are three main aspects of the “perfect pinup” look, and each of these can be fulfilled without looking as though you’re about to hit a 50s theme party. First off, a strong, well-shaped brow goes a long way. Lining the underside of the brow with a pencil in the same shade (or lighter!) with a well-sharpened brow pencil should be done with tiny, feathery strokes to create the effects of real hairs. Comb thoroughly with a brow brush, blending upwards and outwards. If they’re still looking a little undefined, trace around the edges with a cotton swab with makeup remover, to tidy up edges. Next, a bold cat-eye effect is created with liquid liner and a good mascara. Trust me on this one, those pen-style eyeliners are my absolute favourite invention, because when I was trying to navigate my way across my face with a brush, my lids looked more like the screen on a heart monitor than the sleek black line I was going for. I prefer waterproof liner and mascara for humid, sticky days like these, so my cat eyes don’t turn into panda smudges. Layer on two strong coats of volumizing mascara, focusing on the outside upper corners to get fluttery, flirty lashes. A signature berry-tinted pout completes the look, and can be achieved with a gloss or tinted balm, which is a foolproof way of adding colour and moisture without having to check your teeth compulsively in the dark screen of your phone. Play this look up with a candy-coloured shadow, or a stripe of a bold hue along the bottom lash line. Blow yourself a kiss in the mirror, you’re adorable.



Inspired by: Address Apparel, Kollontai, Dinh Ba
The Vibe: Sophisticated and Sexy
Perfect For: First dates, second dates and many, many more dates, celebrations, parties and evenings out.
Style Icons: Mila Kunis, Penelope Cruz, Kat Dennings
Well defined, smoky eyes and lightly bronzed cheeks create a golden goddess effect, and with only a few magic ingredients. For this look you’ll need a flesh-toned shimmery shadow which matches your tone, a similar shadow, but in a deeper hue, a dark pencil liner, volumizing mascara, a nude lip colour and a LIGHT bronzer. First off, dust bronzer (Lightly! Believe me, less is more when it comes to bronzer, I promise you) across your face in the areas the sun would touch; along the tops of your cheek bones, the top of your nose, a tap on your forehead and a mini-tap on your chin. Blend the lighter shadow across the entire lid, then dab (again, lightly) the darker shade along your lashline. Don’t worry about precision, it’ll be blended in a moment. Well, try to keep it off your ears. You know what I mean. Tap excess powder off your brush, and blend the entire lid in tiny, circular motions. Once smoothly blended, add a wispy line of liner along the top lashline, and along the outside corners of your bottom lashes. Two strong coats of mascara along the upper and lower lashes, focusing on the middle and outside corner of the eyes to create a wide-eyed effect. Top with a swipe of nude lipstick and a wink, and you’re the star of the show.

The Swagger Coach: LOUD AND PROUD! The Canada Day/Pride Weekend Experience!

swagger coach

Pride conjures up a lot of images. Well, I mean it IS one of the Deadly Sins. I’m humbled by many awesome things in my life, but for this weekend, I’ll toot my City’s (and country’s) horn. That’s right, folks, I’m proud to be a Canadian living in Toronto, free to love and free to be! I’ll be celebrating this week with all of my Canadian and LGBTQ friends! This weekend will be one of the most fun and memorable weekends, as far as cool stuff going on in Toronto, so I’ll share what I’ll be up to and hope to see you all there!

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The Swagger Coach: Here Comes the… Bridesmaid?

swagger coach
Some people look at marriage as the beautiful and intimate uniting of two souls in an eternally blissful partnership. Some people look at it as a life-long sentence which is owed to the partner after a certain number of years of faithfulness and tolerance. The one thing most brides can agree on is that planning a wedding is one of the most anxiety-attack inducing events of a gal’s life. I’ve attended some pretty cool weddings, but I’ve also attended some odd ones. Weddings truly do speak volumes about a couple (or a person, if one’s taking a backseat ride) and they reveal oddly telling aspects of a personality. Does the bride give up control on her special day? Does the groom deliver a hilariously heart-string-yanking speech that leaves everyone giggling and in tears? Does the couple have their favourite child, their chocolate lab, bring the ring down the aisle? Do they have a mashed potato bar and a photo booth or a six-course seated dinner around four-foot-tall floral arrangements and a majestic ice sculpture?

The Varga Girl Dress from Annie50 - $204

The Varga Girl Dress from Annie50 – $204

 My wedding is almost two years away. With Fern and I having known each other for quite some time, and with neither of us in a hurry to hunker down and pop out a litter of puppies, we’re comfortable with planning and executing our wedding in a fun, leisurely manner. We’ve (I’ve) picked out colour swatches, sourced decor and linens, compiled a collection of 14 photos of confusingly similar dresses, ordered packaging for our favours (which will be a dry-ingredients-only mix of our signature dessert for the evening, by the way, and there may be gingham and twine involved). I’ve also learned that you can order custom-coloured M&Ms, and you can even have your faces printed on them. But that would be kind of scary, to know my friends were sitting on their couches, snacking on tiny, bite-sized versions of Fern and I.

The Swagger Coach: On Father’s Day

swagger coach
All of us have fathers. Many of us have a Dad. Many of us have a Dad who has passed, or may not be in our lives any longer for one reason or another. Some of us may not have known our Dads very well, and some of us have never met them. Some of us have had remarkable people step into our lives and take on the role of a Dad. But not everyone has grown up with a Dad. I have, and although our relationship has been strained at times (angsty teen years, hello) I think he did a wicked job. I mean, I’m not running the streets at four AM without shoes on, or fighting pigeons for crumbs while I wear a tinfoil hat to protect against radio waves reading my thoughts. For all intents and purposes, he did good.
Dad 1

The Swagger Coach: Get Outside!

swagger coach


There are a million zillion reasons to love the summertime. Between having a slightly higher chance of spotting Ryan Gosling gallivanting around without a shirt on (well, higher than they would be in the winter) and the fact that you can put the car windows down, blast “Summergirls” by LFO and bask in the warm wind as you drive, the season is a great one and it’s almost/kinda already here. Mother Nature may be toying with our emotions with these cooler, cloudier days, my friends, but make no mistake. Its right around the bend, and it will be deee-lightful. I’ve compiled a short but mighty list of reasons why summer is the bomb-diggity, and I’ve realized in doing so, that many of them are both healthy and fun. Hmmm, health, fun. Connection? Being healthy is lots of fun? You decide.