Roncesvalles Gets A Reno

I’ve been working at the Roncesvalles store for almost two years now and I recently got the urge to create something new and special in the store, especially for the holiday season. For those of you who have been into Roncesvalles, you know that I love to change things around.

While talking to Laura-Jean about my love of change, we came up with the idea to freshen up the jewellery displays and create an easier way for our guests to find the perfect piece for their favourite outfit.


Jewellery has always been a major attraction at the Roncesvalles store, with such great designs from Curious Oddities, BurfurtART, Vanessa Yanow and Sailor Girl. At this store, the jewellery displays were along one wall, mounted in place. Laura-Jean and I started the wheels turning on how to change up the cases for the season and give the store a new feel.


After a couple months of planning and then changing our minds, I came up with an idea that allowed us to have more product in the store, and keep the cases while showing the product in them, in whole new light.


On December 2nd, we closed up the store early and along side our handyman, I got to work on the transformation.  I had no idea what kind of fun I was in for!  What was supposed to take four hours to complete, resulted in us being at the store until after 1am, but the result is fantastic. Man, those cases are heavy and there was a lot of dust but the pain and the sneezing was worth it!  Handyman Geoff even let me use the power drill!

power tools


The store looks and feels amazing and the new homes for the jewellery cases add to the clothing. You can now find that perfect dress and matching jewellery all in the same place!

new home

Come check out the hard work and love that went into this project and experience the new Roncesvalles Fresh Collective.

– Joe

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