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WMO - money back guarantee

We have helped thousands of women find new ways to express their style, feel comfortable and fabulous, build versatile wardrobes that last, and celebrate the body they’re in today! Our Wardrobe Makeovers are a great exercise in exploring fashion outside and inside of your style comfort zone and for discovering looks that truly express your personality.

Our promise is that you leave the Wardrobe Makeover feeling beautiful, inspired and confident, or your money back!

Regular Price: $200 + HST —  NOW ON SALE for just $29 + HST


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Our Style Coaches will help you see how to maximize your current wardrobe and breathe life into old outfits with new accessories and clothing, with suggestions on what key pieces to buy that will make getting ready each day a breeze.

We know the language of fashion and help you express whatever you’re up to in life with how you present yourself. Growing your career? Want clients to believe in you? Invest in your personal brand and project the image of a leader. Looking to create romance in your life? The right fits and colours show off that sparkle in your eye.

During the makeover, you will learn easy tips on mixing and matching, accessorizing and what silhouettes, necklines, and colours are best for you. Our style staff will work with the pieces you bring in, to build on your wardrobe, while advising you on what styles, cuts or colours work best for you and why, so you can shop smart, get dressed easily and feel your best every day!

We take pictures of each complete outfit so you have a guide to refer to that makes getting dressed easy, and we follow up with suggestions that will take your wardrobe further. We leave you with new knowledge about what you can wear to look fantastic and feel most like the “you” that you want to be.

Regular Price: $200 + HST —  NOW ON SALE for just $29 + HST

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Package offers:

• pre-interview by email to get to know you, your size, style and your needs
• photos of your new looks emailed after the consultation
• detailed profile created for you to help you remember what works best on you from FC, who your favourite designers are and a wish list for your future purchases
• 2 hour one-on-one consultation at your convenience (in or out of business hours)
• light refreshments while we work together

What to bring to your wardrobe makeover:
Bring some of your favourite basics that you want to build more outfits around. We’ll help you get creative and build a versatile wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and your shape.
One outfit that you never wear that you wish you did.
One outfit that you know you should not wear yet you wear it often.

Who this service is best for:
• Returning to work post maternity leave
• Change in career
• Looking to refine or redefine your style
• Looking for a total wardrobe refresh
• Other life changes like weight or age
• Updating your seasonal wardrobe and maximizing it
• Graduation from College or University

Regular Price: $200 + HST —  NOW ON SALE for just $29 + HST

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After you complete your purchase, you will be emailed a questionnaire so we can start to assess your goals and fashion preference and challenges.  As well, we’ll contact you to book an appointment at your convenience.

And, two things to remember – if you don’t leave your session feeling beautiful, inspired and confident, we’ll refund your money!

Also, if you choose to purchase items from the store during the session, your $29 session fee will be credited towards that purchase.  

We’re THAT confident that you’re going to LOVE your consultation!


*offer valid until October 31, 2015.  Must book and hold session in the month of October to qualify for the discount.

Ms. Haselgrove’s Picks and Tips!

Ms Haselgrove title art

In my role as Product Coordinator for Fresh Collective, I’m responsible to find great design and quality and bring it to our racks for our wonderful customers. Sometimes I’m looking for statement pieces- that bold print or cool asymmetrically cut sweater-  and other times, I’m looking for great basic style and design that’s simple, but never “plain”.

These pieces from the Desserts and Skirts Spring 2015 line are those great basics. These are wardrobe builders that you can accessorize all kinds of ways to make them dressy, business casual or just everyday casual, while always looking polished and cute.

Ms Haselgrove

Jane Haselgrove models her picks from the early Spring Arrivals at the Queen Street store.Top: Panel Tee- Desserts and Skirts, $58
Skirt: Denim Pocket A-line, $88
Necklace: Rhode, Bloomin’ Brilliant, $67

In this picture I’ve topped the outfit off with a statement necklace, but a colourful silk scarf, a bold pendant or a blazer are just three of the many possible ways you could style this outfit.

When choosing the wardrobe building pieces, I always look for the subtle style details that make the piece a blank canvas for accessories and your personality.

There’s nothing “plain” about the simple pieces we look for at Fresh Collective!

Ms Haselgrove bio art