Wardrobe Makeover SALE – now 85% off a Style Consultation

WMO - money back guarantee

We have helped thousands of women find new ways to express their style, feel comfortable and fabulous, build versatile wardrobes that last, and celebrate the body they’re in today! Our Wardrobe Makeovers are a great exercise in exploring fashion outside and inside of your style comfort zone and for discovering looks that truly express your personality.

Our promise is that you leave the Wardrobe Makeover feeling beautiful, inspired and confident, or your money back!

Regular Price: $200 + HST —  NOW ON SALE for just $29 + HST


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Our Style Coaches will help you see how to maximize your current wardrobe and breathe life into old outfits with new accessories and clothing, with suggestions on what key pieces to buy that will make getting ready each day a breeze.

We know the language of fashion and help you express whatever you’re up to in life with how you present yourself. Growing your career? Want clients to believe in you? Invest in your personal brand and project the image of a leader. Looking to create romance in your life? The right fits and colours show off that sparkle in your eye.

During the makeover, you will learn easy tips on mixing and matching, accessorizing and what silhouettes, necklines, and colours are best for you. Our style staff will work with the pieces you bring in, to build on your wardrobe, while advising you on what styles, cuts or colours work best for you and why, so you can shop smart, get dressed easily and feel your best every day!

We take pictures of each complete outfit so you have a guide to refer to that makes getting dressed easy, and we follow up with suggestions that will take your wardrobe further. We leave you with new knowledge about what you can wear to look fantastic and feel most like the “you” that you want to be.

Regular Price: $200 + HST —  NOW ON SALE for just $29 + HST

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Package offers:

• pre-interview by email to get to know you, your size, style and your needs
• photos of your new looks emailed after the consultation
• detailed profile created for you to help you remember what works best on you from FC, who your favourite designers are and a wish list for your future purchases
• 2 hour one-on-one consultation at your convenience (in or out of business hours)
• light refreshments while we work together

What to bring to your wardrobe makeover:
Bring some of your favourite basics that you want to build more outfits around. We’ll help you get creative and build a versatile wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and your shape.
One outfit that you never wear that you wish you did.
One outfit that you know you should not wear yet you wear it often.

Who this service is best for:
• Returning to work post maternity leave
• Change in career
• Looking to refine or redefine your style
• Looking for a total wardrobe refresh
• Other life changes like weight or age
• Updating your seasonal wardrobe and maximizing it
• Graduation from College or University

Regular Price: $200 + HST —  NOW ON SALE for just $29 + HST

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After you complete your purchase, you will be emailed a questionnaire so we can start to assess your goals and fashion preference and challenges.  As well, we’ll contact you to book an appointment at your convenience.

And, two things to remember – if you don’t leave your session feeling beautiful, inspired and confident, we’ll refund your money!

Also, if you choose to purchase items from the store during the session, your $29 session fee will be credited towards that purchase.  

We’re THAT confident that you’re going to LOVE your consultation!


*offer valid until October 31, 2015.  Must book and hold session in the month of October to qualify for the discount.

Ms. Haselgrove’s Picks and Tips – Brenda Beddome’s 3-way Cardigan

Jane' new art

Toronto based designer Brenda Beddome created a best selling cardigan last fall that could be worn 3 ways, and thank GOODNESS she is recreating it in a spring version!  A lightweight, versatile spring sweater is a perfect wardrobe builder and this one hits all the marks!  I know this cardigan is sure to be a best-seller this spring!

Three reasons you’ll LOVE it!

  1. It’s lightweight!  It’s so light and airy, you can easily pack it in your purse to bring along for the evening or in a carry-on bag for travel.
  2. The fabric is heathered, which gives it some interest but keeps it neutral enough to go with most prints.
  3. It’s so versatile! With 3 ways to wear it (open, buttoned and tied) it offers a LOT of versatility for styling.

Need to have it?  Come in to any of our three locations, or order online here.

Here you can see a demonstration of how the buttons work to transform the look.


Three way cardigan – Brenda Beddome, $99 Colours available: white, grey, blue

Check out this variety of looks to get a sense of all the ways you could work this piece into your spring wardrobe!

brenda_Beddome_cardigan_2 brenda_Beddome_cardigan_3

Cute, eh? To buy come in to any of our three locations, or order online here.

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What happens in a Perfect Fit Wardrobe Makeover?

You may have heard a lot about our Perfect Fit Wardrobe Makeover lately, and many people aren’t totally clear on exactly what it is or what it can offer them.


Our Perfect Fit Makeover is a FREE styling service to help YOU feel amazing, confident and self-expressed through fashion.


We were hearing many of our customers saying things like:

  • “I just don’t know what looks good on me anymore”
  • “Since my size changed I don’t feel confident”
  • “I have a new job and I want to be taken seriously but I still want to feel like myself”
  • “I’ve gotten really lazy about looking good”
  • “I used to have fun with fashion but I don’t want to look like I’m dressing too young.  I need a new look that works for my life now!”

And we knew that we could help, so we built our Wardrobe Makeover Services.

Our Fresh Collective Style Coaches are specially selected for having a real passion for having women look and feel their best.  We add in ongoing training and self-learning so that we can really deliver on women loving themselves, feeling great about how they look and loving fashion as a means of self expression.


Here are real women in outfits from Fresh Collective. Our typical customers include teachers, business women, moms and grandmas, hairstylists, actors, entrepreneurs, social activists, politicians, health care professionals and women from a range of other walks of life. Our ladies are usually in their late 20’s to late 50’s but we have customers who are teens and others who are seniors! The common thread is always that they are up to living life fully and want to express their inner joy and vibrancy through fashion. And we’re here to provide the wardrobe to do just that!

So what exactly happens during a Perfect Fit Wardrobe Makeover?

  • We start with an online survey to understand your fashion goals and lifestyle.  For example, we’re not going to sell you pencil skirts and high heels if you need to move, climb and bend for your job.
  • We may follow up with a phone consultation to find out more.
  • We book an appointment with you for one on one service and we preselect pieces to suggest, so it’s easy for you when you walk in.
  • You can also bring items from home that you want to get more use out of and we plan outfits around those pieces and suggest new accessories to provide new looks.
  • And we educate you on what styles you should look for and choose going forward and why.
  • We provide photos and follow up if you like, so you remember what you learned and can get ongoing coaching about fashion.

Our commitment is that you feel great and experience a new level of confidence and inspiration after a Perfect Fit Makeover AND that you build a wardrobe full of pieces you love!


Real women looking really great in outfits from Fresh Collective! We specialize in the outfits that you’ll love, that will last for years and that have you ready and out the door to live life in no time flat. Our ladies do not have time to primp and plan elaborate outfits. They have lives to live! Our outfits take you from point A to point Z in comfort and style throughout your busy day.

You can count on our Fresh Collective Style Coaches to really get what you’re out to accomplish with fashion, focus on how you feel in the outfits they suggest and never push you to buy something you don’t love.  We work to find the things you DO love, so the sales come easily.

And every Perfect Fit Makeover is free and no obligation.  If you don’t find items to love that day, you get the same gracious and extraordinary service as if you bought out half the store.  We are focused on YOU feeling wonderful as our priority, and not our sales goals.

And shhhhh….. don’t tell our competitors, but that’s our secret to success as a business.

Ready to book your Perfect Fit Makeover?  Click here!
We can’t wait to help you look and feel your best!