Beautiful Wedding, Perfect Shoes.


Hot off the emails, is this great letter from one of our customers, Kimberly Gale. We worked with Kimberly over three weeks to get her the PERFECT pair of Hush Puppies Lonna Shooties for her February wedding. The result, a beautiful wedding, in the most perfect shoes!

From Kimberly herself:

“Hi Jenna,

As promised, I am attaching photos of the plum Hush Puppies I wore at my wedding.My sister (Wendhi Gale–semi pro photographer snapped the pics) The boots were comfortable and the perfect pop of colour. I thought they looked classic enough to pass off as Victorian boots!

Thank you and Christine at Queen West once again for taking care of me.


Take care, Kimberly “



Photo Credit: Wendhi Gale


Photo Credit: Wendhi Gale

Thank you for sharing Kimberly!!! Congratulations on your wedding!

The Swagger Coach: Here Comes the… Bridesmaid?

swagger coach
Some people look at marriage as the beautiful and intimate uniting of two souls in an eternally blissful partnership. Some people look at it as a life-long sentence which is owed to the partner after a certain number of years of faithfulness and tolerance. The one thing most brides can agree on is that planning a wedding is one of the most anxiety-attack inducing events of a gal’s life. I’ve attended some pretty cool weddings, but I’ve also attended some odd ones. Weddings truly do speak volumes about a couple (or a person, if one’s taking a backseat ride) and they reveal oddly telling aspects of a personality. Does the bride give up control on her special day? Does the groom deliver a hilariously heart-string-yanking speech that leaves everyone giggling and in tears? Does the couple have their favourite child, their chocolate lab, bring the ring down the aisle? Do they have a mashed potato bar and a photo booth or a six-course seated dinner around four-foot-tall floral arrangements and a majestic ice sculpture?

The Varga Girl Dress from Annie50 - $204

The Varga Girl Dress from Annie50 – $204

 My wedding is almost two years away. With Fern and I having known each other for quite some time, and with neither of us in a hurry to hunker down and pop out a litter of puppies, we’re comfortable with planning and executing our wedding in a fun, leisurely manner. We’ve (I’ve) picked out colour swatches, sourced decor and linens, compiled a collection of 14 photos of confusingly similar dresses, ordered packaging for our favours (which will be a dry-ingredients-only mix of our signature dessert for the evening, by the way, and there may be gingham and twine involved). I’ve also learned that you can order custom-coloured M&Ms, and you can even have your faces printed on them. But that would be kind of scary, to know my friends were sitting on their couches, snacking on tiny, bite-sized versions of Fern and I.

What to Wear Wednesday – Summer Wedding

What to Wear Wednesday - Summer Wedding
(clockwise from top left: “Antonel” dress by Dinh Ba – $205 (both photos), Heart pendant by Sugar Rush, Earrings by Curious Oddites, Pendant by Curious Oddities, Earrings by Sugar Rush, “Varga Girl” dress by Annie 50 – $204, “Cherry” heel by Miz Mooz – $125, “Strawberry” pump by Miz Mooz – $140, “Waltz” heel by Miz Mooz – $130)
It’s the time of the season for loving… date nights, summer getaways and WEDDINGS. In fact, this very weekend is one of the busiest weekends for weddings in the city of Toronto!

Fresh Collective is spilling over with perfect dresses, shoes and accessories for any romance-filled summer occasion. Whether you’re knocking your partner off their feet on date night, dancing the night away at your best friend’s wedding OR bestowing a sweet thank-you gift on YOUR bridesmaids, we’ve got you covered.

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