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We are pleased to be hosting a wonderful workshop at our Queen St location tomorrow night, lead by the inspirational Jordana Halpert of Simple Wisdom.

Ever feel like some days a little devil is in your head, taking everything the wrong way no matter how hard you try? And then there are those days when everything feels perfect and you are most yourself. This workshop explores why we experience such polar opposites and how to gain back control over your circumstances.

simple fearless

“Plain and simple, Jordana created the space for a shift in my thinking – and thus, in my life – to occur. Through her vision exercises, I was able to mentally create and then in reality replicate the person that I aspired to be. Through her coaching, my confidence levels were uncovered and elevated in ways that I never could have imagined. Jordana’s gentle, supportive and insightful style of coaching enabled a renewed sense of confidence that now bleeds into my professional and personal endeavors in many positive ways. Jordana is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to development, inspiration and action.”

– Amy C. Willis

More information on Simple Wisdom:

Simple Wisdom is an alternative style of vision coaching designed to inspire, direct, and put into action your life’s biggest goals.

We truly believe that anyone can be successful if they follow their true passion with a solid plan and supportive community. Our mission is to make Toronto the world’s most passionate and expressive city through developing a higher understanding of Leadership in the city’s Wellness Community.

Simple Wisdom works with professionals in the health & wellness service industry through Personal Coaching Programs, Group Coaching Programs, Workshops, Seminars, and Speaking Events. Topics span a range leadership subjects such as integrity & time management, communication, leading others, building a small business, branding, and many more.


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