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There are a million zillion reasons to love the summertime. Between having a slightly higher chance of spotting Ryan Gosling gallivanting around without a shirt on (well, higher than they would be in the winter) and the fact that you can put the car windows down, blast “Summergirls” by LFO and bask in the warm wind as you drive, the season is a great one and it’s almost/kinda already here. Mother Nature may be toying with our emotions with these cooler, cloudier days, my friends, but make no mistake. Its right around the bend, and it will be deee-lightful. I’ve compiled a short but mighty list of reasons why summer is the bomb-diggity, and I’ve realized in doing so, that many of them are both healthy and fun. Hmmm, health, fun. Connection? Being healthy is lots of fun? You decide.
Seems pretty straight-forward, right? Nothing quenches thirst on a brutally hot summer’s day like a lovely, tall glass of ice water. Your innards will thank you profusely for scrapping the daily coffee-and-chocolate drink you toss down the pipe just to keep warm. Not only are you relieving your poor nervous system of a caffiene overload, you’re truly hydrating the body with the most natural, effective beverage around. And, unlike some, I’m the kinda gal who will totally stick her head under a running tap to gulp some H2O, rather than searching endlessly for a corner store to pick up a bottle of the same darn thing. Call me a barbarian. Bonus points to those of you who are toting a reusable bottle (aren’t all bottles reusable?) and lessening your eco-footprint that much more. The dolphins are giving you a high-five with their flippers. “Eh-eh-eh-eh-thanks-for-not-polluting-our-water-eh-eh-eh-eh!”
"Water + Mix = DELISH!"

“Water + Mix = DELISH!”

Walk It Off! 

Step one: sunscreen. Step two: enjoy a day in the glorious, glorious sun on foot. Many have turned to elaborate stair-bike-ski machines to help them boost their cardio, then sat idly beside it watching So You Think You Can Dance while their cat lounges on it, or their kids use it as a jungle gym. Great investment, ladies. Even more impressive that you’ll likely be paying off the machine for months to come, and you’ll probably get more of a workout taking out your garbage. Secret of the week: Walking (outdoors!) is free! It costs absolutely nothing to lace up your sneakers and sprint (run, jog, walk, prance, gallop) around the block a few times. Looking for some resistance training to go along with it? Stop by a neighbour or friend’s place and pick up their pooches, and let them accompany you on your journey. Fresh air + sunshine + breeze + ice cream truck (okay, we’ll scrap that last part) = wonderful way to spend a day. Oh, so THIS is what it feels like to not have to circle the block four times to find a parking spot.

Get Fired Up! 

Before there were high-tech culinary playgrounds with every type of heating and cooking surface available, there were a bunch of ogres with two sticks and a pile of rocks. Those creatures invented something which some of us may know today as “fire”. The cool thing about fire (see what I did there?) is that it’s efficient, and it’s relatively easy to use. Now, I know many of us have an awesome BBQ which functions better than our ovens and stoves do, but I’m a fan of those old-school  briquettes which leave your hands smudgy and grey. Just getting the buggers lit up is a challenge, but the satisfying roar of the fire after you’ve got it started (ahem, with two lighters, an entire rolled-up newspaper and a can of hairspray) is rewarding enough to keep this gal going. Simple meats and alternatives, veggies and even fruits can be skewered and cooked in mere minutes, and even the pickiest eater can concoct their own meals and find something tasty to throw on the grill. Barbecuing is great because, much like the other activities on this list, it gets you outside, creates an easy and low-key social atmosphere, and can be done almost anywhere. On that note, do not try to barbecue in the hallway of your building. Also do not try to barbecue while waiting for the bus.

Schoolyard Sports!

Put on your comfiest shorts and grab a Frisbee, a badminton racquet, or a kite. Yeah, I said a kite. These too-fun-for-adults activities are back in a big way. A lot of women complain that they gain weight as they get older, and that it’s simply the way the body works. I disagree. I think that, as kids, we ran ourselves in circles without even realizing it. As we mature, that spastic, high-energy demeanor makes way for a calm, controlled nature. So what would happen if we started that back up again? Would that adrenaline come back? Would we be as determined to get that freaking kite off the ground for MORE THAN FIVE FREAKING SECONDS? I bet it would. Spending an afternoon playing (screaming, skipping, laughing, the whole lot of it) with your friends will get your heart pounding, and will be an awesome way to relieve some stress and hang out with your favourite people.
"Ray-Ban shades and my Taska bag from FC... a girl's best accessory friends!"

“Ray-Ban shades and my Taska bag from FC… a girl’s best accessory friends!”

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