Wardrobe Makeover Reviews

Our Wardrobe Makeover Giveaway is a hit!  

We’ve been working with lots of women who want to discover a new personal style for all kinds of reasons:

* a new job

* a new size (gained or lost weight)

* returning to work after mat leave 

* different stage of life and wanting to reflect that

* or just to learn and have more fun with fashion!

Here are some reviews to give you a bit of an idea of what to expect during this 2 hour style consultation.

From a Facebook review:

Just had an amazing fashion consultation with Fresh Collective! She was so patient with me and gave me so many options. Goodbye frumpy parent hello effortless professional!

Angela is our Roncesvalles Store Manager and loves to work with women to help them discover their best looks. Here’s a letter she shared with us about her experience doing a Wardrobe Makeover. 


From our website reviews:


Thoughtful! Personalized! Fabulous! 

Product: Wardrobe Makeover 
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For my wardrobe makeover, I brought my closet! I expected a lot of pruning and “toss outs.” However, the consultant surprised me with practical questions about each item’s use, showed me what items fit well and suited my personal style. Items that I loved, but that I thought would get “cut” stayed in my wardrobe! 🙂 
The consultant gave me permission to let go of dormant, damaged and poorly fitting items. She also told me why I was likely passing over some items based on those items’ fit, style and colors: Some clothes just don’t suit me, and that’s OK, because there are many others that make me feel confident. And I had permission to let the “pass” items go! Moving forward, the consultant told me what to look for when adding new items: she showed me what necklines, fit and colours would best suit me. I gained a couple of versatile pieces, I lost guilt associated with letting go of less-than-optimal pieces, and I felt refreshed from the afternoon. 


Insightful recommendations, left feeling great 5 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 2017 Jan 18th

It was great to come and have some pieces already picked out for me to try. Some were things I never would have considered and was unsure when I put it on, and then just a necklace and it was suddenly an exciting new silhouette that looked great. Then, as we went along, new pieces were pulled in to reflect my preferences & body shape.

And at the same time, I brought a few pieces in my own wardrobe, and we tried four or five other options to make them more versatile. Some worked, some didn’t, but it was always an atmosphere of positive exploration & collaboration, never frustration or judging when I said no.

A great approach if you want to get out of a rut, or if you like your style and just need to address a few gaps.

From our website reviews:


loved the customer service 4 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 2017 Jan 15th

Was great way to learn what works well on your body and personal style, as well as find pieces that will work with current wardrobe. Was fun to have someone make you try things on that you may have not tried if shopping by yourself. Was interesting to see how I wouldn’t love a simple top or tunic and sale person would add a necklace and it completed the look and I would love it. Was nice to have a sales person dedicate their time totally to you, would never happen at a mall. Worth a try!

A very happy customer sent us this awesome letter after a Wardrobe Makeover!


Did you read that last line? “Thank you both again for transforming my wardrobe and my sense of self.” OMG! That’s what it’s all about!



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