….Well? What took you so long? A blog post about getting “into” Fresh Collective

“LOL” That’s all we’re doing as we read through this beautiful blog post from one of our newest partners, Salomé of burfurtART. She captured PERFECTLY what it must be like for designers to wait on our decisions, as we curate and pull only the best of the best for our customers. We don’t mean to make anyone wait, and as always, Salomé makes the experience fun and sassy – just like her.
Welcome to the family Salomé, good things do come to those who wait.

…Well?  What took you so long?

…or “OMG!! you want burfurtART to become part of your fresh collective gang? Absolutely!”
Written by Salome Cordeiro


This is my story about getting my burfurtART jewellery into the Fresh Collective stores, meeting their amazing people and how to be per-freekin-sistent about it.

Almost one year ago……. It’s around 5:58 pm, November 2012, when I trudge into a Fresh Collective group/gathering that promises to talk about branding.  I’ve been wanting to connect with Laura-Jean (le grande fromage) and her managers at Fresh Collective for a while, so I figure this is a good place to do it.  Plus there’s free munchies and soft drinks….

I slink into the room, casually look around say a little breezy hello to Laura-Jean and try to look elegant in my burfurtART necklace (oh? this little thing?) and a little bit mysterious as I grab a chair and squeeze myself under a shelf of fabulous Yoga Jeans.  Shhhhhhh, the talk begins.

Was it a good talk? Yes, yes it was.  Did I learn anything? Yes, I did, but the real reason I’m there is to get my jewellery noticed in a casual “ohmygodwehavetohavethis” way.

I’m doing the connecting with people thing, when Laura-Jean comes over to me and says…

AMIGINGCRAZYLJ: “Salomé, are you wearing one of your pieces?”
Me: (of course, are you kidding me?) “yes.”
LJ: “Wow, that’s the kind of jewellery we need at Fresh Collective”
LJ: “Joe? Make sure you connect with Salomé in the new year so we can get her into the store!”
Joe: “Absolutely, Laura-Jean. Salomé can I have your card?”

At this point, I immediately go home to wait by my phone for Joe.  Who is going to be calling me anytime now to usher me into the rarefied halls of Fresh Collective.  any. time. now.

Saturday, March 2013

Ok.  No calls.  No sweat, because there is another little talk being given at the Queen Street store, so off I go in another fab little burfurtART concoction to do the whole thing again…

At this point, I connect with lovely and rock & roll ANGELA.  she’s the manager of the Queen Street store. she’s a little cray cray and we hit it off right away!

Angela: “Salomé!!! I want you for a trunk show in the spring!”
Angela:  “Oh, you’re featured in the store for a weekend or so and sell your jewellery.”
Me: “OMG, Angela, I must leave now so that I may wait by the phone for you to tell me when this trunk show is going to be a happening thing!!!!!”

Well, I finally got the call, but not from missy Angela, from missy Jamie!!!!  (Kensington Store manager). I’M NOT PICKY, I’LL TAKE ANYTHING!!!  She wants me to do a trunk sale.  At this point I don’t care if they want to glue dog biscuits to my body and have me twerk ‘a la miley cirus’ in front of their stores – I just want to sell my fabulous wares through Fresh Collective.

FUN2013-03-13 at 11.26 AM 210 am – Kensington Market store

Blaaaaaaarrrrgh – I am so sick with the most grossest cold in the world, but I’m at the kenzie store and come hell or high water,  IMMA SELL MY STUFFS!!! coff hack cof.  ……blaaaarghhhh.

Friday, May 2013

wowowowowowowowowow.  Angela called!!!!!  And she wants me to do a trunk show at the Queen store!!!!!  Why, yes, my lovely manageress, I will be there with bells. And whistles on. ab.so.luters.

2 stores down. Next step? Jewellery domination of the free world.  mua.ha.ha.websalome

…So lets tie things up,shall we?  Four months later, I had THE meeting with THE Laura-Jean and THE merry band of professional cohorts. I got 3 lines of my jewellery approved for 2 of the stores.  Rock candy, a convertible line of bracelet/necklaces that are made of semi precious stones and freshwater pearls -very graphic, very now. Ch-ch-chains, a bracelet that’s made up of either 5 or 7 different types of chains – super fresh and professional and yes, it converts into a necklace as well.  And last but not least, my vikingr line, simple and elegant necklaces with hand hammered detailing.  All these are one of a kind and ALL are made by me.

So…. Moral of this story?  It may take a while to get something you want, but if it’s meant to be, then it will happen.  and when it happens, it’s. so. worth. the. freekin’. wait.



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