What to Wear Wednesday – Deep Freeze Darling

What to Wear Wednesday - Deep Freeze Darling

What to Wear Wednesday – Deep Freeze Darling by freshcollective

Well… it’s a bit brisk outside, wouldn’t you say? I kind of wanted to put together some sort of head-to-toe down-filled ensemble (can someone design me one that’s still chic?) but instead this adorable number will have to do!

Top: This Alexi Isla Knit top from Studio Fresh is great for winter layering. It’s lightweight knit makes it great for transitioning from outdoors (don’t you hate when you bundle up in a heavy sweater only to find yourself overwhelmed and overheated when you get to work?)

Jeans: Our beloved Yoga Jeans are great for an active winter lifestyle. These jeans move with you and form to your curves so you can look great while you skate! Available in several colours, this merlot tone will bring a warm glow to the winter cold.

Boots: I’ve overlooked these little Miz Mooz ankle boots for awhile now, and I can’t figure out why…they’re adorable! Maybe not perfect for trudging through snow, but my goodness, if you’re indoors – try these on for size!

Headwear: Last but not least, keep yourself toasty with a bit of Paper People Clothing winter style. A fashionable alternative to your normal knit cap, this headband/turban hybrid made from repurposed wool is a stylish way to stay warm!

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